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  1. eastbank

    7.62x39 v. 7.62x51 short range wounding differences

    having humped both, i liked the m-14. for me easier Maintenace, better sights and dead now with good body hits. but then again i was not in the pray and spray crowd.
  2. eastbank

    1897 ammo

    my win 97 12 ga. was made in 1953 and i shoot every thing but steel and tss shells in it with no ill effect.
  3. eastbank

    Curio & Relic Carry Piece

    i have carried this m-57 in 7.62x25 as a farm tractor pistol, and this S&W m-10 in 38 spl in a shoulder holster.
  4. eastbank

    Lost my best shotgun.

    i have been using a browning BT-100 for for trap for close to 20 years, and couldn,t agree more. very hard to find today tho, i,m getting close to 81 and if they find me dead in the woods, they can take my wallet-gun and leave whats left of me to nature.
  5. eastbank

    Keep .280 Rem or sell for something else?

    late last year i added a browning ss syn stocked left hand .280 to my other five left hand rifles, imr 4831 and imr 4350 are the powders it likes, i have not hunted it yet but will this year.
  6. eastbank

    PPC revolvers

    the most accurett revolver i have ever owned.
  7. eastbank

    Is it sacrilegious to bubba an early model Winchester 12?

    i have a plain jane first year remington 870 pump in 12 gage in just about new condition that i wanted to make into a home defence shotgun, but just could not bring my self to chop the 30" full choke barrel. at a local small gun show i fould two remington 20" barrels with cylinder fixed chokes...
  8. eastbank

    M629-2 $975 (ouch)

    well most of my shots are under 50 yards and the four inch barrel carries better in a shoulder holster on my four x fours. if i needed the extra power i would take a 44 mag. but i have never recovered a bullet from a deer i have shot with the 44 spl. i used to be able to hit baby food jars at 50...
  9. eastbank

    M629-2 $975 (ouch)

    i have two 29-2,s that i don,t shoot hardly at all any more and a 629-1 that i don,t shoot. i pack my 624 in .44 spl more and shoot hard cast bullets at 850-900 fps.
  10. eastbank

    Improved M1 Carbine (update)

    this winchester m1 carbine had served in ww-2 and was rebuilt and sold thru dcm and served several generations of house pertection, before comming to me. tho i have other home guard weopens it,s still on guard.
  11. eastbank

    20" vs. 22" Turkey Gun

    i like and use a short barreled Remington 870 12 ga 3" magnum with 2x leupold scope. i think the best thing thats come along for turkey hunters has been TSS shot that allows clean kills out to 40 yards. i know some turkey hunters claim kills at fantastic distances with it, but i like my shots to...
  12. eastbank

    Neat little .22 LR bolt gun; Winchester Model 52.

    i had a few older winchester 52,s, including the japan made sporter, when offered more money by 2x then i paid for them by a colletor i sold them. i still have quite a few win-rem .22 rifles but only one heavy barreled 40x rem .22. i have been shooting a left handed cz 452 that shoots 5 shot...
  13. eastbank

    i bought a like new beretta 303 in 20 ga and a rem mod 11 in 12 ga. at auction.

    thanks, i know what to look for now.
  14. eastbank

    i bought a like new beretta 303 in 20 ga and a rem mod 11 in 12 ga. at auction.

    do you know what chokes the 303 uses? the only beretta,s i have owned had fixed chokes.
  15. eastbank

    Colt 1903 Pocket price check ($500)

    no brainer if you lust for .32 auto, i would but it .
  16. eastbank

    i bought a like new beretta 303 in 20 ga and a rem mod 11 in 12 ga. at auction.

    is the beretta 303 a decent field gun and is there anything i should know, good or bad? the rem 11 is in pretty good condition, small crack in the butt stock near the reciever that will need to be fixed before shooting.
  17. eastbank

    LC Smith - $250 what to look for

    i realy like the older shotguns, but what i found out is to buy two so you have spare parts. the ones i have i hunt a few times over the seasons and use reloads with one ounce of shot at low pressure. no since over working them.
  18. eastbank

    24" Barrel in 44 Mag Lever Action?

    top rifle is a 1973 marlin 95 in 45-70, bottom rifle is a 1973 marlin 94 sporter in 44 magnum. both have 22" barrels and they do shoot pretty good. the 44 magnum is pretty rare today as not many were made, when i bought it years ago i just wanted a lever action in 44 magnum and didn,t know...
  19. eastbank

    Which Shotgun to Take on Quail Hunt?

    me two favorite small game shotguns are a older browning citori upland special in 20 ga with 26" barrels with invecta tubes and a older yet browning BSS sporter 20 ga with 28" non tubed barrels. both are well used and have fired thousands of rounds over the years with no problems at all, other...
  20. eastbank

    Trapshooting... really got me down

    i hear out local vision impaired center is forming a trap social club, i,m going to join. i,m sure there will be room if you want to join me. hell they didn,t even know it was snowing.