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    Kanetsune kitchen knives

    Not much alloying metal for stain prevention in the "paper" steels. There's a little chromium in the blue, for better wear resistance, I think, and the white has even less alloying elements. Those steels were made to emulate the best Japanese hand-made charcoal steels of antiquity. I'd keep it...
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    Anyone know anything about these Maxepidition Ferox Folders?

    Same here. 58 would be my lower threshold, and I would prefer to be in the low sixties, in general, truth be told. I don't know much about that particular alloy, though. Jason
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    What I carried back in

    Nice. Pics of the Jeeps? Jason
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    I've got to go to one of these. I think I would learn a lot. That basket hilted broadsword looks like it would be a lot of work. But fun. Jason
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    For Iraq/Afghanistan Vets - What Was Your Most Useful Sandbox Knife?

    I have always been the same way, but with some of the manufacturers using better stainless alloys now, you can get a decent blade that is stainless. I love my Benchmade folder in 154CM. All my fixed blades are plain high carbon steels though. Jason
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    Has anyone used one of these or know of a better Katana in this price range?

    Saw that. Good show, but I kept expecting him to make some goofy facial expressions and yell "A la cuisine!" Musashi was the real deal. Jason
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    Just got this back from the engraver

    Great looking knife. Jason
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    New One From Harv

    Thanks Harv. The tempera sounds like a good idea. Jason
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    Bought the "work sharp" by Boker - first impressions.

    I've never used the Work Sharp in particular, but I'd offer this word of caution about powered sharpeners: they can get a knife nice and sharp, but they can also remove a lot of steel in short order. It mightn't be a problem with this one, but keep an eye on it and be careful not to eat your...
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    Cold Steel Brave Heart and SOG Pentagon

    Congratulations! I'm guessing the Brave Heart is CS's take on a sgian dubh. I don't have much experience with either brand, but they look nice. Jason
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    Don's Small Skinner

    Looks great! Jason
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    New One From Harv

    Thanks Harv. I use Devcon 2 Ton as well, but my only experience with trying to tint it (I used oil paint) didn't turn out so well. I figured maybe oil based paint was the problem, but for whatever reason, the epoxy never cured. I think after reading your post I probably used too much paint, as...
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    New One From Harv

    Looks great! I like the clean execution of your knives. I wish I could get my plunge lines to look half as good as yours :o. You did a good job on that mosaic pin stock, too. If you don't mind answering this, I'd love to know what you're using for fill. Very clean work :cool: Jason
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    Pocket clip screws

    I don't know. I have taken my clip completely off my Benchmade and then back on again. No loosening. Maybe I've just been lucky. I do have to occasionally retighten the pivot screw, but mostly only after an accidental trip through the laundry. Maybe I'm not remembering this correctly, it's...
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    Craftsman Belt Grinder for hobbyist knifemaking?

    Yes, they are underpowered, but it's still better than doing it by hand, especially if you are just doing flat grinds. And with some of these sanders only costing $100 or less, they are a far cry from what it would cost to go to a good 2x72 or similar. No doubt there are much better setups, but...
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    Craftsman Belt Grinder for hobbyist knifemaking?

    My sander is a Harbor Freight 4x36, and very underpowered. That's mostly why I start out so low. If I had a little more horsepower, I'd start with 60 or 80. Jason
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    Craftsman Belt Grinder for hobbyist knifemaking?

    As per grits, I usually go with 36 for rough shaping and setting the bevels (I've only done stock removal so far- if forging, then the bevels would be hammered in), then 60 or 80, then 120, 250, 400, and then hand sand from there with 600, 1000, 1500, 2000, and then buff. If leaving it at a sort...
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    What blade are you carrying today?

    Benchmade Mini-Grip. Same as always. I've never been one to switch up my "EDC," be that pistols or knives. Jason
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    Craftsman Belt Grinder for hobbyist knifemaking?

    Im a beginner at all of this as well, but this is basically what I've read when i researched the same question: That's what most would consider the best introductory, low budget, knifemaker's sander of current production; however, Craftsman's quality is not the same as it used to be, and the...
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    A seaxy new blade!

    That's good-looking work. :cool: Jason