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  1. Bwana John

    Aftermarket Recoil Pad

    I would take the time and money to mount a nice recoil pad, thick as you need, grind to fit, and cut the stock if needed so the LOP is correct after mounting the new recoil pad. It will be faster to shoulder, and be easier to shoot accurately. Sorry, but I’ll repeat it, “buy once, cry once”
  2. Bwana John

    RCBS Partner Press shell holders?

    The RCBS Rock Chucker, Rockchucker 2, JR, JR2, and JR3 all great used presses, they will still be working fine long after you are gone. id check Craigslist, second hand “antique stores” and Marketplace internet gun sites I can not recommend the RCBS Ammomaster or Partner. might be a good time...
  3. Bwana John

    RCBS Partner Press shell holders?

    I broke a RCBS Partner Press. Resizing rifle brass with “slightly” insufficient lube. They gave me a new one for free, but still…I would never pay $160 for one Ive had very good luck finding used RCBS Rock Chucker presses for $100 or less. Im a believer in using the same manufacture shell...
  4. Bwana John

    Backpacking with a Firearm

    Wilderness Safepacker Safepacker holster
  5. Bwana John

    I don't like snakes

    A Combat Masterpiece on one side, and a Combat Commander on the other, à la George Patton.
  6. Bwana John

    Let’s see an odd item that you use in your reloading process.

    Mine still works, I cut the spokes out of your wheel.
  7. Bwana John

    Let’s see an odd item that you use in your reloading process.

    For fabricating pokers, scratchers, pushers, probers, pickers…. I like to use bicycle spokes. good high quality steel, in different diameters, and long enough for custom work.
  8. Bwana John

    Historic bolt action rifle ID

    Japanese 7.7mm x 58mm Arisaka Type 99 produced at Nagoya Arsenal. Looks like late war production, Mum has been defaced, missing its dust cover, never had antiaircraft sight or monopod.
  9. Bwana John

    Need advice on selling a Ruger Model 77 Rifle in 375 H&H

    Mine (416 Rigby) has the most strikingly beautiful wood but just about the worst ergonomics I have experienced in a rifle stock
  10. Bwana John

    What was your first marksmanship badge of honor? .....

    NRA 50’ rimfire rifle, Pro-Marksman. 12 years old. Still got the patch to prove it.
  11. Bwana John

    870 upgrades

    870 upgrades- Paint, not just for duck camouflage, but to keep it from rusting. Remington did something wrong with the later finishes, you just look at them and can see the red rusty dust forming.
  12. Bwana John

    Today isn’t a national holiday, but it should be

    I thought that’s not until next Tuesday?
  13. Bwana John

    Mtm Table “quiver”

    A little heavy, but solid with no quivering Rick Jameson shooting bench plans
  14. Bwana John

    Improved M1 Carbine (update)

    .22 Spitfire (5.7mm Johnson)
  15. Bwana John

    Model 70 Featherweight catch

    My favorite push feed M70 is the year they didn’t call it a “Featherweight”, but a “Lightweight”.(1980’s) Actually the “Lightweight Carbine“, long action with light 20” barrel. I never really liked the Schnabel forearm.
  16. Bwana John

    problem with an AR-type rifle

    If you try to use a 3/16" spruce dowel to clear the case…, it will break inside the bore causing an even worse problem. Use a brass rod, or wait until you get one!
  17. Bwana John

    Rolling Block Cadet rifle

    I enjoy the reduced caliber Cadet Rifles. 45-70 in a Cadet rifle? Ouch!
  18. Bwana John

    Tracking Number of Loadings on Brass

    I saw someone who used a spring loaded center punch to make a “dot” on the case head to determine number of times the case was reloaded.
  19. Bwana John

    Two Lugers together again

    I know little to nothing about Lugers…. Except that if it seems too good, it probably is. 🤔 It mita choked Arty, but it ain’t gonna choke Styme.
  20. Bwana John

    Bolt Shims

    Depends on the rim thickness of the ammunition you are using, and the rifles original headspace. A “correctly“ headspace gun might not need a shim for “average” ammunition rim thickness, be loosely headspaced for thin rims, and gall the shims with thick rimmed ammo.