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  1. buck460XVR

    Come to the light...

    For the most part, I've always tried my hardest to get into stand without the help of a light, especially when trying to close to roosting turkeys. Many of the places I hunt have little or no light pollution, so iifin' the skies are clear, many times moon or starlight is enough, to get to me...
  2. buck460XVR

    The dumbest thing I know of

    ...iffin' you will remember, the buffalo, like the passenger pigeon, were eradicated by professional hunters, like the state of Kentucky wants to employ, and not sport hunters. This along with the loss of preferred habitat to an animal that was slow to reproduce and slow to adapt to the change...
  3. buck460XVR

    The dumbest thing I know of

    While riding motorcycle in MO. one year, while crossing Bull Shoals on the Peel Ferry, I had a chance to talk to an State Game biologist about armadillos in the state. He said the biggest effect on the armadillo population in the state was cold weather and that when there were several warm...
  4. buck460XVR

    The dumbest thing I know of

    I doubt if Kentucky believes they are going to eradicate hogs in areas where they are already established. This is probably a move to keep the population from spreading and expanding. Since hogs can still be shot on private land when doing damage, it seems this is more directed at the sport...
  5. buck460XVR

    Benefit of Safety Training

    When I first started hunting deer, everyone in my family had a firearm you had to "lower the hammer" to put on "safe". Lever action Winchesters, break open single shots and model "97" shotguns. While we never a had an accident with therm, it was pretty common to hear a single shot coming from my...
  6. buck460XVR

    Revolver Resurgence-?

    The simplicity of revolvers and their ease of use for folks new to guns has been a boon to their popularity. I have taught many folks how to shoot, or introduced them to shooting at my personal range. While the majority like shooting my 1911s, once they are loaded and handed to them, most(men...
  7. buck460XVR

    Benefit of Safety Training

    I believe there are many reasons why incidents and fatalities have declined.....but also believe mandatory safety training is the biggest factor. About the same time most states implemented safety training, they also instituted the use of Blaze Orange for deer hunting. The visibility of other...
  8. buck460XVR

    How to initially choose a powder when starting out?

    Been reloading for many decades......and I didn't really know which you were referring to. Have seen many times folks posting about BE-86 and leaving off the "86". About the same amount as I see folks using "BE" in their posts about Bullseye. This is why new reloaders get confused...
  9. buck460XVR

    How to initially choose a powder when starting out?

    ...are we talking Bullesye or Be-86? While Bullseye is an old classic powder, BE is very recent. New reloaders can be easily confused by powder names, because so many are similar. This is why I suggest new reloaders ALWAYS confirm any info they get from internet posters, with a published...
  10. buck460XVR

    Small Game Hunting With Centerfire Cartridges

    Make sure you check your local games laws. Around here, you cannot shoot game birds or small game such as rabbits/squirrels with centerfire calibers.
  11. buck460XVR

    How do you carry a sidearm while hunting?

    In a scenario where I am not confident with my primary hunting weapon for SD(as in bow hunting or small game hunting with rimfire), I carry my Colt Government in a shoulder holster.
  12. buck460XVR

    44mag or 10mm for Wilderness Defense?

    In Wisconsin, the majority of Black Bear attacks are initiated because folks have inadvertently attracted them with some form of food source. So issues arise more often close to human habitation or while sitting over bear bait. Dealing with Black bears
  13. buck460XVR

    44mag or 10mm for Wilderness Defense?

    For Wisconsin...either would work for me. Even a .357 or .45 ACP. Biggest threat is from 2 legged predators, with Black Bears being a far distant second. Lived here all my life and have spent a great portion of it in the woods and in bear country. Never had an issue with Blackies.
  14. buck460XVR

    Chuck ??

    They get spooked pretty easily....and many have more than one hidey spot. The fact it hunkered down for a while before it ran off tells me it probably was trying to figure out the threat before it ran and exposed itself again. Most of the "chucks" down at the cabin only give me one shot before...
  15. buck460XVR

    Bad News for Deer Hunters: CWD in 2 Men

    This is a strong argument made by the Wisconsin DNR, and why baiting, once illegal here, then made legal, is now illegal again(along with the feeding of deer) in any area of the state, that has confirmed cases of CWD. It is a disease of close proximity and is something baiting and feeding...
  16. buck460XVR

    Are you "brand loyal"?

    While I have been at it long enough to know what works best for me and my guns, I am still open to try different things. My primary hunting bullets for my revolvers/P.C. carbines was determined long ago, as was the powder and charge rate. But for plinking and just range fodder, I go with what is...
  17. buck460XVR

    Mare's leg type guns- why?

    Back in the 60s and early 70s, most everyone I knew had a .410 or 20 ga. shotgun with the barrel and stock sawed off, stashed either under or behind the seat of their truck. Folks called them their "truck guns" or "Cat guns" or even gave them names like "Shorty". Yep, illegal as 'ell, yet we all...
  18. buck460XVR

    Mare's leg type guns- why?

    While I agree about the practicality of a mare's leg in today's trapping world, I still will argue about putting down what's in your trap. Whenever the wolf is declassified(off and on) here in Wisconsin, trapping has been and still is a very viable method of taking them. Beating them to death in...
  19. buck460XVR

    Mare's leg type guns- why?

    I too grew up in the day when there were still trappers alive that legally trapped bear....both black and grizzly. I would not want to use sticks and stones on them myself. Same goes for wolves and cougars. I still use a .22 on 'yotes I catch in leg hold traps, just because it's easier and does...
  20. buck460XVR

    Thompson Center Arms SOLD

    I believe he was also charged in Tennessee and Missouri for game violations. The latest was for shooting a Trophy deer over bait and leaving the meat to rot(Wanton Waste). From what the local Warden tells me, for every violation a poacher gets caught, they get away with at least a dozen others.