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    Unexpected find in gun safe ordered online

    An Ohio man expected the gun safe he ordered online to be empty, police said. But instead, he found $425,000-worth of tightly wrapped marijuana bricks inside. "I've been in law enforcement for 47 years and I've never seen anything like this," Shelby County, Ohio, Sheriff John L. Lenhart said...
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    Palmetto State Armory Gen 2 MOE LPK $50.

    Daily Deal good till 12pm est A high quality lower parts kit needed to assemble your AR-15 lower. Parts are 100% made in USA! Assembly takes place right here at our new facility in Columbia, SC. The...
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    Ammo 5.56 NATO Tracer M196 FMJ 55 Grain 720 Round Can $199

    Manufacturer: Lake City M196 Item: AMM-2920 We found a lot of Lake City, red tipped, tracer rounds as used by elite forces worldwide. NATO 5.56, 54 Grain, Tracer rounds that permit visible observation of the bullet's in-flight path or trajectory to the point of impact. Chamber Pressure...
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    Smith 629-2 price check

    I have a S&W 629-1 LNIB For Sale 8 3/8 MagNaPorted barrel Leupold 2X scope Leupold base and rings With box and papers $850.
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    Kershaw G10 Tactical Speed Bump Folding Stud Lock Knife

    $35. Shipped free at Amazon. Looks like a deal.
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    Testing HDY V-Max On Whitetail

    Well said, snuffy.
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    IMR 4227 for 30-06

    SR-4759 works well in 30-06. I was shooting some the other day with Speer 130hps. Nice load. The new manuals (as has been discussed) are like night and day when campared to the old manuals.
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    Who remembers Alcan?

    I have a can (box) of AL8 and AL5. Used it in pistol reloading. I always liked it.
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    Tru Oil - finishing the job...

    I'm going to blame the humid area your in. I think your going to have to wait it out a few days. Sounds like your doing it right. Let us know.
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    Reloading 9mm with SJHP question

    Where are you located? I'll gladly weigh them for you. If your close to another member, I'm sure they will do the same .
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    S&W 25-2 ... a couple questions

    I think you can buy the shot capsules and load them your self. I've done that with 38s and had no problems.
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    Why do some reloaders like to spell bullets incorrectly

    ".3085" 'bore of my .30-06 rifle." I haven't seen that one. Thanks, thats funny
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    9mm & min recoill combination

    Try Solo 1000 or Clays Very light recoil
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    S&W Hammer rubbing side plate

    Call S&W, They will repair the gun at no cost to you. Lots of bad QC out there... Good Luck
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    S&W Hammer rubbing side plate

    Some times these work. Do Not file Sideplate
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    Complete Spikes M4 1x7 Chrome Lined Rifle $545.00

    Hey hkguns! Cool your jets... I thought it would be nice to pass on a deal that some members might be interested in. I have nothing to do with above place of business. I did not purchase one. No advertising here!
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    Complete Spikes M4 1x7 Chrome Lined Rifle $545.00

    This is a 16" M4 profile M4 feed ramps 4150 chrome lined vanadium steel barrel, chambered 5.56 and 1x7 twist. Standard A2 flash hider, standard carbine handguards, quad rail gas block, flat top upper. Spikes Tactical forged lower receiver with a 6 position Mil-Spec Tube stock. The rifle will...