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    Ruger single six .32 hr mag

    No kidding! paid under $400 twenty years ago for my first one (.357) and about $600 for the .327 in 2018.
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    Colt Government 380, Siberian Mamouth Ivory from NC Ordinance

    Sorry for your loss, but he must have thought a lot about you. That beautiful piece is a family heirloom for sure, and those grips are perfect for it. Mine is just the plain blued version, but they certainly are nice little pistols:
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    Ruger single six .32 hr mag

    Me too - the birdshead version. It is a flawless little gun, IMO:
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    My wife calls it gun porn!

    I used to buy jewelry for my wife whenever a substantial gun purchase was made, but a couple of years ago she said she had more than enough of those trinkets. However, my collection additions have not slowed down much, so the habit is going to cost me some new home furnishings. We started with...
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    You've Come a Long Way, Baby...

    While that may be a true story, O’Brian - the son of a Marine Corps officer - was no shrinking violet: (from Wikipedia) ”After one semester at the University of Cincinnati, Krampe dropped out to enlist in the Marine Corps during World War II. At 17, he became the youngest Marine drill...
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    A spare reload if needed

    When traveling by car on road trips, I’ll carry a couple of speed loaders for my SP101 in this leather belly bag., slung over my shoulder like a hipster’s “man purse” when out of the car.
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    Alright, what do you all think 1911 decision?

    I got the nostalgia for a 1911 and picked this package deal up from PSA yesterday. Pretty nice for $599.99 these days if I say so myself.
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    North American Arms Belt Buckle

    Gave this one to my son for Christmas…neat little doodad.
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    Stunning 29-2 4” Class B Engraving $999?!?! HOW??

    Yeah,he certainly stole that beautiful work of art!
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    Opinions on the perfect nightstand handgun.

    My Ruger SR9 loaded with 17+1 rounds of Federal 124 grain HST 9mm. It is accurate, reliable, and comfortable to shoot.
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    What is the last gun that you bought?

    Picked up this package deal from PSA yesterday…
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    We all have favorites

    Battle pistol with its backup. 👍
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    We all have favorites

    Dragoon & and 1849 pocket Colt?
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    We all have favorites

    My favorites….. #1 is this Single Six - the first revolver I bought new in 1959 at the age of 15: Tied for #2 - Talo New Vaquero & Single Seven: And just for grins, my favorite tiny one - the North American Ranger II top break:
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    We all have favorites

    Gave mine to my son who likes to camp out in New Mexico & Colorado…
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    Today I enjoyed the outdoors. I chose to carry......

    Colt .22 Short - made in the 1960s for Colt by Butler. My dad got it used at a 1970s gun show for $20. When he came home with it, my mom grabbed it and said “That’s mine!” 😄 I posted it here with tongue in cheek.
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    Naval Rifles

    You might like this book that is an interesting read.