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    Beretta Xtrema 2

    no go on brownells I did find one in stock at midwest gun works
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    Beretta Xtrema 2

    Hey guys, quick question. Can anyone point me to somewhere that I can get a new barrel for a Beretta Xtrema 2 12ga shotgun? We use one at work and the barrel burst one day when one of my coworkers was shooting it and we need a new one, but they seem to be backordered everywhere Ive looked...
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    let's count with guns and gun terms.

    .506" is the rim diameter of the .30-30
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    Marlin Rear Sight "Aha!"

    The M1 Garand sights are metered in 1 minute per click as are the A2 sights on an M16 (20") For those not metered, a sight adjustment of about the thickness of a sheet of paper is about 1 minute of angle (+ or - depending on sight radius)
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    Question about selector switch on Berreta O/U

    to use the popular term on /r/ scattergat more acceptable? hahahaha
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    Australian Politician Tries to Ban Any Distribution of 3D Printable Gun Models

    They are referring to the company, Solid Concepts, that made a metal 1911 out of a 3d printer that laser sinters stainless steel. That machine is worth millions.
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    Can anyone recommend a 1X sight with a simple reticle?

    The eotech is battery powered and loses its reticle when dead, which is a deal breaker per the OP. Prismatic sight or scope is the way to go it seems, especially considering the astigmatism
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    turkey problems

    Keep in mind, some gobblers have pretty large ranges. At least for the Osceola's here in Florida, some biologists think that a dominate gobbler can have up 300 acres to himself. I work on a 1800 acre hunting preserve and our biologist says no more than 12 can be taken each year.
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    Picked up two from the CMP

    I got my refurbed 853 from the CMP as well, but with the Monte Carlo stock. Shoots incredible with RWS Meisterkugeln pellets.
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    Biggest cartridge flops ...

    I think the .17 Mach2 was pretty much a flop .45GAP wasnt a huge hit either...the only reason it still exists is because of LE contracts with Glock, ala Florida Highway Patrol .300 Whisper had the makings of being a star, but SSK had too tight a grip on the rights to things like reloading dies...
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    Winchester Model 52-B

    Alrighty, so I finally got a chance to shoot the 52 in the daylight when I could actually see through the sights, shooting from prone with a front bag. Using the aperture and globe, I was able to shoot some pretty respectable groups using Win M-22 bulk ammo. The groups could probably tighten...
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    Winchester Model 52-B

    mines about 14 with the scope according to my precision bathroom scale Well, heres the first target I shot with the 52, using Winchester M-22. It was nearly dark, and the peep was almost impossible to see thru, but some pretty good groups were had just leaning on the back of my truck at 25m...
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    Winchester Model 52-B

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    Winchester Model 52-B

    Well, the 52-B came home with me. It was a little rougher than I thought, but upon further inspection, it was all just surface grime and a little rust, nothing some CLP and elbow grease couldnt take care of. It didnt' come with a magazine, but only the single shot adapter. It seems the...
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    Winchester Model 52-B

    I think the deal is sealed...I will keep you guys posted
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    Winchester Model 52-B

    Thanks for the insight fellas I think Im going to bite. I countered a bit once more (cant help myself, I love the haggle almost as much as the guns) but even if he refuses, Ill take it at the asking price.
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    Winchester Model 52-B

    well I was wanting a heavy .308, but I figured that maybe this will scratch that itch without breaking the ammo budget and making me reload yet another caliber
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    Winchester Model 52-B

    So ive been working on a trade deal recently and as it comes down to it, I want to know a bit more about this gun before I bite. A guy in my area has a Winchester Model 52-B heavy barrel. It has a diopter/globe sight, as well as a Unertl scope. The gun is set up for 3 or 4 position shooting...
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    Colt's Government Model

    So i recently picked up a Series 70 Government Model, in factory Nickel at an estate sale for a great deal. Its a little rough, but Id like to bring it back to its former glory. The previous owner (now deceased) was a big dummy when it came to his quite nice firearm collection. HE ELECTRO...
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    G2 R.I.P. Ammo

    The MIB will almost certainly be labeled as illegal in Florida and other places that have banned bolo rounds by name