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    Found a Unicorn Sig P365

    I handled one this past weekend at our local reloading shop. Very neat little gun. Almost the exact same size as a 43 but feels a little better in my hand. Better sights and arguably better trigger than the 43 out of the box. I would have to take / cut that pinky extension off though to make it...
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    THR Pocket Revolver Club

    It was like that when I bought it. Someone had cut that little gun down a long, long time ago.
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    THR Pocket Revolver Club

    I traded this one off to a buddy of mine last year, but it seems like it fits this group...
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    New to me Astra Model 960

    interesting piece. I never have seen on of those in person before. Looks like a solid shooter.
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    Rebuilding my Savage 110 30-06 to a 35 Whelen!

    VERY interesting post! I have been planning to send JES an old stainless Savage that is currently a .270 to have converted to a .35 Whelen. I have a .35 Whelen H&R and love it.
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    S&W 40, 40-1: that $*#@! grip safety.

    Like everybody said even though it is a modern revolver it is scarce and somewhat collectible, so I would say either pin it and find a set of grips (Pach. Compacs?) that can be modified to cover it up, or sell it off and buy an older 640 in .38 spl as a replacement.
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    Metalife hard chrome service.

    I was thinking about sending some work of the them myself. I grew up reading about their work in books and magazines and thought it would would be cool to some something that was refinished by them.
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    The H&K VP70z: Initial thoughts and observations

    Nice post! Interesting to learn about the new springs. I had one back in the early '90s. Worked perfectly with anything that I put through it, but the deeply concave shape of the trigger made it tiring for my fat finger to shoot much back the. I sold it off to a local Deputy who had Magnolia...
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    Non-"Assault Rifle"-looking pistol caliber carbines?

    I still don't understand why Marlin and Ruger don't bring their carbines back. If they could keep the price AR competitive seems like they would sell a ton of them. I had a Camp Carbine in .45 acp back in the mid '90s and have always regretted selling it.
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    Recommended any 9mm revolver you knew.

    I have owned a 547 and a 940. The particular 547 that I have was a very poorly assembled sample and needed tuning and shimming to get it to have a decent trigger pull and still be reliable. The extractor worked great though. The 940 was perfect as long as you didn't shoot really hot +p or +P+...
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    Hypothetical question: What if someone made their own "Boomer"

    " So frankly, for anything other than a dedicated snake/tackle box gun loaded with CCI shotshells, the Boomer just doesn't do anything for me. " Exactly what I thought. Probably would make a decent enough point blank snake blaster to carry when mowing grass or walking around ponds.
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    Sand Burr Gun Ranch S&W 629

    VERY nice! Looks like a solid, practical working gun.
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    Is a 10 round 9mm pistol enough for home defence?

    Most likely either pistol would be fine. That said I would hunt around for a cheap ugly beat up 12 or 20 gauge to go with it if I could. Even a $50 single shot would be useful.
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    Anyone try Prvi's 357 ammo?

    I bought some from Midway a while back. Shot it into milk jugs and denim covered milk jugs out of 2 and 4 inch barrels and got zero expansion. The lead at the tip smeared and flattened or tore off, but no mushrooms from them. I will have to look around for the recovered bullets and see if I...
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    Wow!! New Sp101-.327mag 4.2"bbl.

    I am very interested in this little gun. Should be a perfect little kit gun / knockaround pistol. In a good IWB holster the longer barrel will actually help concealment (makes the gun lay flatter).
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    How do you like your Single Seven in 327 mag?

    I like mine (4.5") but it does have some minor issues, particularly with the 100 JSP American Eagle load. Extraction with that load is pretty sticky, but the primers are realllly flat so that may just be a bit too hotly loaded. Extraction is not so much of an issue with the 85 JSP reduced load...
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    'Made in China'....custom!

    That is an extremely clean and very functional looking carry gun. I love the HiPower-esque slide cuts and the short spur hammer.
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    New factory Bearcat with adjustable sights

    I am very eager to check one of these out. The adjustable sight picture of the Single Six works a lot better for my eyes than the fixed sight picture of the original Bearcat, so this should prove to be more shootable for me.
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    My brother's LC9s makes me want to sell Shield for one.

    Thanks for the feedback. I have not seen an LC9s in person yet but am eager to check one out.
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    Loaded up 25 test 9mm rounds last night and got this problem at the range...

    I have had the same problem in a couple guns with the Lee 356-125-2R. I have to seat it deeper than I would like because the ogive is too fat and sticks in the chamber throat.