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    Springfield Mags.....worth the money?

    Man, I forgot about this thread. The gun has been back for quite a while. The second return seemed to have done the trick. I've put about 600 rnds of ball through the pistol and have had no issues. Most of it has been WWB and Federal. I did run a box of Tulammo through it lately just to see how...
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    Monster Hunter Legion out today, and book tour dates

    I love the Monster Hunter series. My wife and I fight over the copies when they come out. It's a good thing I work shifts. I just finished the first book in the Grimnoir chronicles. I can't say enough good things about that book. Keep up the good work.
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    dirt filled tires as backstop?

    I have to agree with what everyone says about the tires causing a huge hassle when you sell your property. I don't know about the ricochets though. I suppose it can happen but then again I've been hit by ricochets at indoor ranges and outdoor ranges with dirt berms. My limited experience with...
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    Are gun shows normally overpriced?

    You have to know what you're looking for. I can usually save at least $20 on a handgun and possibly $40 at the local gunshows. I know it's trendy to trash the gunshows but I see a lot of deals out there and a lot used guns that are hard to find at the local gun stores. Know what you want...
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    Debating an anti-gunner (part Deux)

    Ah.....the old, "It's for the children argument." I always like to ask them if they own a computer and have internet access (If in person). I then ask them how they can reconcile owning such dangerous devices such as computers, cameras, etc when they can obviously be used for child...
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    Tulammo .223 ammo

    I've used Tula in my S&W M&P15 and a build with a BCM upper (1:7 twist). It works fine in both guns. It's about the least accurate of all of the steel cased stuff in my opinion. 55 gr Brown Bear is the best in my S&W. It may be heresy to say this but my S&W is more accurate than my BCM upper...
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    Testing Obama's Theory

    On the other hand it's ok to let AK47's end up in the hands of narco terrorists south of the Rio Grande. Obama risks having a reporter (with actual nads intact) ask him a question about our government allowing Mexican drug lords to get American Assault Weapons if he crows too loudly about...
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    Springfield Mags.....worth the money?

    I'm back from another range trip. The Loaded had a lot of double feeds. I used the SA mags and some trusted (and pretty new) Kimber mags. I tried WWB, Federal and Blazer Brass. The gun had a lot of double feeds, an occasional stovepipe and for some reason stopped locking open on an empty mag...
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    Springfield Mags.....worth the money?

    Spent casing in the chamber and a jam from the top of the mag. I think that the mags are fine. The Kimber gets shot a lot and all of the mags work fine in it. Even the new SA mags that came with the loaded are gtg with it. I think it's the extractor too. I heard somewhere that the claw on the...
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    Springfield Mags.....worth the money?

    Well, as I said earlier the pistol is back. The turnaround was very quick and the invoice stated that the barrel was fitted to the slide and the slide was fitted to the frame. It was also test fired according to the invoice. No mags or anything were included to offset the inconvenience of a...
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    CCW Suggestions

    I would recommend a Kahr CW9. It's large enough to get a decent grip on it but not so large that you can't carry it comfortably. It has a thin grip like a M1911 and is very comfortable. It comes with 7 rnd mags which I think are fine for CCW. I will say that it does have a double action...
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    Springfield Mags.....worth the money?

    The pistol is back and I hope to get it out to the range in a few days. They really had a quick turnaround on the gun. It was back in a week. According to the invoice they fitted the slide and barrel. I don't know how well it works yet but I know that it definately feels smoother. I'll...
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    Springfield Mags.....worth the money?

    I recently bought a Springfield Loaded (9mm) and was wondering what you opinion is of Springfield's magazines. I have a coupon for more mags at $25 each ($10 shipping for $50, $12 for $100). Unfortunately the gun wouldn't run reliably and had to go back to the factory. The mags worked fine in...
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    First thing anti's will go for?

    I doubt that we'll give them any new ideas. There's thousands (tens of thousands?) of them and they are well funded and have been around for decades. I doubt that there's anything that we could think of that they haven't ran past a lawyer, lobbyist or think tank.
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    No more shipping handguns without using an FFL?

    That's what one of the branches told me. They made a point of saying that they (and FedEx) are not anti gun. They said they just didn't want to deal with more gov regulations.
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    No more shipping handguns without using an FFL?

    I used a FedEx branch to ship a handgun back to Springfield last weekend. Most of the FedEx shippers in my area aren't shipping firearms unless you have a FFL but I don't think that's the law.
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    First thing anti's will go for?

    I'll try this again without talking about certain candidates and parties. What I would do if I was a wealthy anti gunner or a gun control organization with politicians in my pocket is stop worrying about new gun laws. I would keep up a token anti gun agenda in DC and support new gun laws in...
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    About private sell a gun in Virginia

    oneounceload: That is true. None of my guns (to my knowledge) have ever ended up in the hands of criminals. I generally only sell to people that I know and for those that I don't know.....if you want the gun then you better make a decent impression. I don't need a few hundred dollars so...
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    What is your longest shot with a 5.56 rifle?

    500 yds. That's part of the qualification for the Marine Corps (at least in the late 80's). That is with a 20" barrel.
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    Wasting your time

    I've had a lot of people, even those that own guns, ask me about registration. We don't have it in VA. For whatever reason many people seem to think that our state has firearm registration. We also are allowed to have sales between private individuals without doing any paperwork...