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    $3,000 to start my collection...

    I think this will be a good start since it leaves a little versatility and multi-tasking. Glock 23 .40S&W with military discount 420$ (can change to 9mm or 357 sig with 100$ barrel swap), this is a good target pistol or CC piece and good to go for night stand duty. Colt AR15 in 5.56 950$...
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    Not happy with BCM

    I like BCM but that is unacceptable, maybe you should've posted over in the BCM forum over at
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    Quality of the DPMS .308 rifles

    Mine has been good to me... Whatver you do avoid the factory quad rail!
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    how can felon get rid of his firearm?

    I just don't see why this can't be a private sale between two individuals.
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    how can felon get rid of his firearm?

    When did Nevada get a gun registration?
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    Night Stand Artillery

    Hopefully this: Will get me to one of these if needed.
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    Which CMP Grade Garand?

    Going to Anniston Saturday, anyone want to meet there?
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    Which CMP Grade Garand?

    So nobody is actually going to the store?
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    Which CMP Grade Garand?

    I'm going to the South store in 3 weeks, I plan on picking out a field grade myself. I figure if I pick it myself a field grade will do me just fine. Anyone else think they might be over that way on the 20th? We could meet at 0800 and go gage some Garands!
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    3-Gun rifle opinions

    You should check on that with where you will be shooting. Our club does two matches a month one with a max of 100 yards and the other with a max of 1000 yards. On the long range course you won't know how to be setup until you get there. To be honest I like to use two rifles for my 3...
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    Alarming new trend with some CCWs

    So what laws are being broken? What's to stop the gang bangers from illegaly carrying concealed themselves? If the legal CCW guy was in poessesion of a gun used in a crime by his gang budies wouldn't he be under investigation?
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    Re: Mueller Optics

    You must be doing using your Weaver rings incorrectly if you are damaging your scopes. At least by the logic you applied to my post. A little bit of a double standard, huh?
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    Confusing Range Commands

    But hot and cold is what it is.
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    $1300 ak??

    Hey man, I must have got the gun from the guy that traded you. BTW I am leaving for Europe in August and have decided to have the military store my guns rather than sell them.
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    Taste of Dallas Not Allowing CHL

    Won't they need to be posted with the Texas 30.06 signage?
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    $1300 ak??

    Personally I would never pay over 450 for an AK but that's just me. But I do own a Krebs KTR-03S that is amazing, I traded a run of the mill Armalite AR for it and have no regrets.
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    Yep, but there would be no import marks on those guns purchased and imported that way. But, milsurps are prohibited from being imported this way by servicemen.
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    Anyone pay attention to the link in post 15? It's an ATF form for importation of privately owned firearms by military members who have served at least 60 days overseas.
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    I have been looking into this as I plan to buy guns while abroad in Europe. Check out this for for military personnel.
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    Arkansas/New Mexico Reciprocity?

    Now we (NM) just need to have states that we recognize to recognize our permits. NC comes to mind.