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    New 870?

    NYSP has an 870 in every vehicle and every Trooper is qualified with one.
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    New 870?

    See below
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    S&W 63 sprung yoke?

    It does have a bent ejector rod and I have already ordered a new one.
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    S&W 63 sprung yoke?

    Here are some photos:
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    S&W 63 sprung yoke?

    I don't know the manufacture date but it is an older gun with the old style. I will attempt to get some photos posted.
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    S&W 63 sprung yoke?

    Hello all, I have a used 4" barrel S&W 63 (no dash) and I noticed that the rearward portion of the cylinder is rubbing against the frame when the cylinder is fully open. There is a wear mark behind the notches that the cylinder stop engages. I can also see that the ejector rod is slightly...
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    Favorite cartridge

    Other than 357 Magnum: 38 Special followed by 44 Special for centerfire. 22 LR for rimfire.
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    What would you choose?

    This- .38 over the .22 magnum every time. When I carry the J-frames I use the Buffalo Bore .38 spl LSWCHP as Arkansas Paul mentioned.
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    Ruger Scout in 5.56

    I have the .308 Win version of the Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle. I know that the ones chambered in .223/5.56 do NOT accept the AR-15 magazines, they use AICS style magazines. Since I don't have one in that caliber, I do not know the availability of the magazines for .223/5.56. If you wish to...
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    Rough machining on new 44 Redhawk

    It is likely obvious that holiday season and COVID restrictions/issues may play a factor in the turn-around time. I had always heard that Ruger customer service was excellent and the one time that I have had to use it, I was super happy with it. I do not/have not owned many Ruger firearms, but...
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    El Patron Competition

    Does it have the retractable or fixed firing pin?
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    Altamont Bateleur J-frame stocks?

    I have Altamont Bateleur grips on one of my J-frames. I specifically purchased them because I have large hands and wanted the extra material where the wood covers the backstrap. They feel good in my hand. I really like them and would purchase them again.
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    Used Dan Wesson price check

    Older Dan Wesson and I am pretty sure it said Monson. Yes it has the wrench and gauge, but I don't remember what type of grips.
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    Used Dan Wesson price check

    I haven't really ever looked at any Dan Wesson revolvers before but I am interested in one at my LGS. What is the going rate / fair price for a Dan Wesosn 715 with 4" & 6" barrels, partial underlug? Thanks!
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    Anyone still ccw the 357 magnum?

    I have primarily been carrying a S&W 686+ or a S&W 65 (both 3" barrels) in a DeSantis OWB holster without any issues. Occasionally I take out one of the 4" S&W 65's, 686, or one of the snubby J-frames. I almost always carry the revolvers in an OWB holster.
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    Identity and Date of Manufacture of S&W Revolvers

    A) .357 Magnum B) 3 Inch C) Round Butt D) 6 shots E) Fixed Sights F) 7D715xx G) Mod. 65-2 It has a recessed cylinder but the barrel is not pinned
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    S&W 686 3 inch replacement sights

    Unfortunately yes
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    S&W 686 3 inch replacement sights

    I pulled out the calipers and the front sight is .278". I also called Smith & Wesson and they confirmed that the rear sight blade is .160".
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    S&W 686 3 inch replacement sights

    I need to replace the rear sight blade on my S&W 686+ with a 3 inch barrel. It's my understanding that different barrel lengths use different standard heights for the rear sight blade. What is the height that I need for a 3" barrel? I am also looking to replace the front sight which is a red...