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    should I buy a cz p-01

    I prefer my SP-01 Shadow at the range, but I don't know that I would want to try and carry it. I use a PCR Pro-tek for carry and it fits quite nicely. As for shootability, I do shoot the larger gun better but both are great shooters. If you're looking for a carry gun, I'd def. consider a P-01...
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    Tell me about H&K Pistols

    Pretty much everything without a decocker and that isn't DAO... I don't need Google to tell me that's a crapload of different options.
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    Tell me about H&K Pistols

    Yeah, got to say you lost me as well with that comment Phaedrus. Are you seriously implying that HK's are some of the only guns that are "safe" to carry condition 1? If so, that's preposterous. If not, what ARE you trying to say with the "Googling" comment. I'm lost.
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    Tell me about H&K Pistols

    That doesn't even make sense. No, I'm not implying that. If you actually read my post, you would know that. I'm saying that... a silly thing to say, just because people own some expensive things (optics, NFA items, etc.). Owning something expensive does not mean you should dismiss...
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    Tell me about H&K Pistols

    Just because you own expensive things doesn't mean you laugh at spending $400 for no reason. The wealthiest men I know are the tightest with their money. Now if spending the $400 is worth it to you to get the gun you want and that fits you best, by all means spend it. But don't dismiss the...
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    Which is the best CZ pistol in SD, HD and Target categories?

    P-01's are great guns. I have no need of the rail for carry though, so I went with a pro-tek using a PCR. Any of the SP-01's are great for HD, and the Phantom can actually have an amazing trigger with the right work done to it. Mine still surprises me. For the range, they're all enjoyable to...
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    7.62x39 AK magazines - recommendations?

    Thanks fellas. I'm going to order some of the Egyptian and 40 round Russian mags from Aim :)
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    7.62x39 AK magazines - recommendations?

    I recently picked up and converted a Saiga in 7.62x39. I still need to install the bullet guide, but I've been holding off until I purchase some AK magazines for it. I've seen a lot of different flavors of AK magazines and just wanted to ask for some recommendations. I know with other guns...
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    Cleaned my Glock!

    Seems to me that the only reason to go that long between cleanings is not because it's the smart thing to do, but rather because you have something to prove. I don't think you need to spend 30 minutes cleaning your Glock after shooting 100 rounds, but there's really no need to let it get that...
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    Need advise on first handgun purchase

    I'd consider a CZ (perhaps an all-steel SP-01) with a Kadet slide, instead of buying 2 separate guns. That gives you one gun that can shoot both .22lr and 9mm, which would easily let your wife transition to 9mm once she's comfortable shooting the .22lr slide. The Kadet is also an excellent...
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    Reid Stainless

    Love the dehorned look. Bet it feels great in the hand. Threads like this make me start thinking that maybe I need a 1911... one of these days. :P
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    How bad does Ballistol smell?

    The initial expenses are pretty high, but you only need to buy cleaning supplies once, and then it's just the occasional replaced brush or extra bottle of solvent that you need to pick up later. As for holsters, if you get a quality one that fits you to begin with, you won't need to go buying a...
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    How bad does Ballistol smell?

    They're very different products. Ballistol is my "go to" product, but I do have a couple of guns I'm trying out Frog Lube on. I haven't put enough rounds through them yet to definitively say I love the stuff, but the basic idea of Frog Lube is once you have enough applications on the firearm...
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    Would you buy a CC gun without shooting it first?

    That's got to get expensive ! Couldn't resist :D
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    Ordered my first gun!

    Get ready to clean off a ton of packing oil :D CZ's will often come in a bag dripping with preservative, so be sure to give it a thorough cleaning before you get it out to the range. :)
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    A .40 or another 9mm?

    Have you shot a lot of .40S&W? Just bear in mind that you will be giving up some things to get that slightly larger bullet. Also, if you're switching over to a .40S&W as your CCW, you want to practice with .40S&W - not 9mm. As such, if that's your plan and you want a backup practice gun, then...
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    Walther P99 or CZ 75 01?

    On looks, I don't think he's the first to suggest the Walther PPQ is a bit fugly. It turned up in a worst looking autoloaders thread not long ago with several endorsements. Personally, I much prefer the look of a Glock 19 to the PPQ, and the CZ over both. Good guns, and I wouldn't buy based...
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    Walther P99 or CZ 75 01?

    If you're suggesting that the Walther P99/PPQ is a gun that has the perfect trigger that can never be improved upon, I guess I'll go ahead and say I don't agree. They are quite nice, particularly for factory guns at that price point, but let's not exaggerate the point. If you haven't felt a...
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    Glock 17 Gen 4...problems still?

    If you mean the LW extractor, mine seems to be working fine. I plan to run a bit more ammo through it over the next few weeks and test it, but it already felt better (i.e., spent casings weren't hitting me in the face every 3 or 4 shots).
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    Walther P99 or CZ 75 01?

    It's easy to spot the poster that's never fired a tuned CZ. ;) As for the reach, it depends on the size of your hands as to whether that's a problem. Personally, I can loop my finger well through the trigger even on the DA pull. If you need a shorter reach, there are parts that can be...