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    Sportsman's guide starting to act weird about gun parts

    GM sold their mail order business to Cabela's or Bass Pro years (around 15) ago. Not every state has a GM. They were doing OK for gun prices, usually at worst average, until about 5 years ago. Since then, their prices for everything is very high, at least in my area. They do now set black rifles...
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    CZ 452 .22 LR Special Military Training rifle

    If you'd like more indepth iformation concerning the CZs, check out RFC.
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    Pelican cases, whats the point?

    The Starlight 352 does have a couple inches in length over comparable Pelican and Hardigg cases but the new Pelican 1770 seems to be the top dog for long gun cases at the moment with large gains in dimension in all directions. Only problem with it is that there is no side middle handle. The...
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    Pelican cases, whats the point?

    Just before Pelican and Hardigg (maker of the Storm) merged, Pelican revised their latches to be less knuckle busting. It is a two part latch with the T part easy to pull out before the rest unlocks the case. Still, I also prefer the Hardigg push button system.
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    Pelican cases, whats the point?

    Absolutely big and bulky and cumbersome and require more work and attention to transport. I have to drop the rear seats of my car to fit a Starlight, iM3300, 1750, Gun Guard AW Double Gun. A big hassle. However, there is no way I'm going to transport aperture sighted Anschütz 2013 or Walther...
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    Three hours of my life wasted...!

    Yoda,, I do not understand. Why did you not use The Force?
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    You guys seen this?

    I wonder how hot the charging handle gets under sustained rapid fire.
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    winchester wild cats,

    11mm is measured at the top of the grooves. 3/8" is measured at the bottom. If you were to measure the 3/8" groove at the top, it would be close to 13mm due to the angle from the bottom.
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    My annie likes .... Thunderbolts?

    soylant green?
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    Bohica shipping notice?

    I received mine about a couple months ago. About a year after ordering it (11/07).
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    winchester wild cats,

    Sounds like the Wildcat has the regular European 11 mm grooves.
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    10/22 WMR or the Henry 22WMR lever gun?

    If you decide on the Ruger 10/22M good luck on your search. They are a rarity now and the prices being tossed around are in the $600-$1000 range. The first 10/22M that I got was not that great out of the box in terms of precision. (Let alone the regular functioning issues, e.g. heavy trigger...
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    Peter´s Stahl SWS2000 Freigewehr

    I'll bet the groove on top of the receiver is 13mm and the bi-pod can clamp into the (recessed) rail under the forearm (as I'm sure you're aware).
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    Peter´s Stahl SWS2000 Freigewehr

    Folks not into position shooting wouldn't really care for such a free rifle and there are many here that are not into that discipline. Another factor is the Peter Stahl stuff isn't marketed here much outside of the odd old Springfield Omega and later iterations and some parts and pieces...
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    My annie likes .... Thunderbolts?

    Are you sure it wasn't the phenomenon of shooting match grade ammo first which leaves good coating of the paraffinic coating (on the bullet) in the bore and then shooting the TBs right after? The residual parrafin giving the TBs a short period of exceptional precision? (This I've done myself.)
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    Whats the best lie you had a gun seller tell you

    The question refers back to the post above it by eye5600 requesting additional information to the poster's reply, I've never seen a gas op simple blowback before. There are plenty of recoil operated simple blowbacks including the ones you listed plus many many more. (In short, I agree with...
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    Whats the best lie you had a gun seller tell you

    I don't think I've ever seen simples blowbacks that use small caliber relatively low pressure pistol rounds (e.g,, .22 lr, .25ACP, .32 ACP, .380 ACP, etc.) use the gas instead of the recoil to work the action. Could you provide a platform example of one?
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    Got a new Sig Mosquito

    You may have to back to get those MiniMags. The Mosquito may take a little bit of breaking in with the hotter stuff to settle in. A couple 100 round boxes should do. Or you can just keep at it with what you have if you encounter ejecting/feeding issues. The MiniMags just accelerates the break-in...
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    Whats the best lie you had a gun seller tell you

    Depends. Certainly, taking a tube and grinding or cutting furrows into it will weaken the structure. That is, start with the finished OD, cut grooves into it. However, if you start off with a larger diameter and cut the grooves down to the OD above, it certainly would strengthen it. Or...
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    Am I nuts for wanting to re-do my Mosin M44

    Can find the video, but you mean something like this?