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    SCCY pistols, anyone?

    Had one a while back and shot it ok (CPX2). The only reason I got rid of it is a tendency to short-stroke the dao trigger in rapid fire. Never had a malfunction with it, but probably shot fewer than 1k rounds.
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    Why no 22 mag semi auto pistol?

    Keltec PMR-30
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    funny 30-30 story

    I’d say it’s a fair bit worse than IDing targets with a scope. I wouldn’t want to hunt in the same township with that guy, let alone the same wood lot!
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    ONE .22 Auto

    I waffled between a Ruger 22/45 and Browning Buckmark. Went with the Browning and am very satisfied. Not a popular sentiment in an enablers forum, but I don’t have any desire for the other options currently available.
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    Something new from S&W...

    After seeing your post a quick search landed me here: This looks like one of the more interesting new offerings we've seen in a while. Not just another micro striker 9!
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    Looking for a new CC firearm

    I’m very happy with my .45 shield. The micro 9s and 40s just felt awkward in my hand, but the .45 is darn near perfect. It’s also not nearly as violent to shoot as I’d expected. I wear a size large glove with a bit of room to spare, and get half a pinky on the grip with the shorter mag.
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    LGS price vs Online

    I purchase nearly all my ammo online, and have purchased every firearm except 1 from the LGS. They rarely have exactly what I want in stock, but are more than happy to order anything I want if their distributor(s) have it. Haz-mat reloading components from the LGS, other components online...
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    New Mini 14 Range and Accuracy?

    That is far and away the most attractive "AR" I've ever seen! I'd never heard of the company before, and unfortunately when I checked their website the only models listed with wood are carbine-length - not nearly as pretty...
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    Cute but wayyyy overpriced

    That’s why I like THR. Come for the firearms, stay for the cryptozoology!
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    Cute but wayyyy overpriced

    Surprised this hasn’t been asked yet, but do you suppose it would work for bears, too?
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    The reset is as far as the trigger can travel forward. The trigger feels dead because it is until you let it fully return. This was the main reason the gun didn’t quite work for me, because when I’d try to run it fast the back side of my trigger finger would hit the guard and prevent a full...
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    Out of curiosity, does this mean your life is worth less than half the life of someone who carries a Wilson EDCX9?
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    Had a cpx2 for a few years. Very easy to carry, and plenty accurate in my hands. My trigger wasn’t horrible. Long and far from light, but very smooth. It was about all I could afford when I got it, and I moved on to a Walther when my financial situation improved. It’s an ok gun, and in normal...
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    Did some exacto knife and dremel work on a 2nd Gen

    Expected to see a glock based on the title... These are much prettier.
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    Blasphemy-level of ugly... Trying to find a squirrel gun.

    Just for the sake of enabling, this sounds like a perfect excuse to get a new rifle in 17hmr. Either that or any of the vast array of centerfire varmint rounds. Can’t waste a good opportunity like this by “getting by” with something already in the cabinet... That said either of your 2...
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    Favorite woods gun?

    I never see it recommended much, but my choice for this role is a S&W Shield .45. Virtually disappears on the hip, and packs enough punch to handle anything I might encounter in the Midwest.
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    Walther Q5 Black Tie - Finest Walther I've ever owned

    Hadn’t heard of this line before your post. Thanks for sharing! Looking at the rest of them it’d be a tough choice for me between the Black Tie and Black Diamond, and the others are an easy nope.
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    Hi-Point C9 Experiences

    cant see much to disagree with here. One thing I’ll ad though is they are extremely top-heavy due to the blowback design. Normal poly/striker guns feel top heavy to me compared to steel frame, and HiPoint takes that to an extreme. The couple times I shot a friend’s C9 weren’t what I would...
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    “My rifle does the job, too” (My usual response)

    There’s so much overlap in the rifle cartridge world that you can’t even say the hairs are being split anymore. I’ve got a 22LR, .223, and 7-08. I can kill anything I have any interest in killing, and am pretty much out of the rifle market until a kid needs a deer rifle.
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    Ruger PC carbines. Thoughts?

    If I ever get one I’d set it up exactly like this. A Ruger PPSH-41!