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    off hand concealled carry

    If you're careful, wisconsin, you can probably brush off a safety against your clothing. Is that a good idea? I wouldn't recommend it, but it may be a lesser evil than going unarmed. It would definitely take a fair amount of practice with an unloaded and double-checked gun beforehand.
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    What's the gun in the average "one gun household?"

    I'd bet on a .22 rim fire rifle as the most common.
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    Mayor Bloomberg on stand your ground and the NRA

    I have a hunch Bloomberg is wasting his money and effort to position himself as a 2016 presidential candidate. No tears.
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    No Guns Signs and Insurance Companies

    I've never believed "our insurance company makes us prohibit guns." I've been asking for references to such companies' names and kinds of policies ten years and longer. No one's ever responded with actual information. I don't ever do business with anti-Second Amendment bigots.
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    New Stocks Arrived

    Mighty pretty! I've always wondered why we don't see more maple stocks.
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    Wood grip comfort and heavy recoil?

    I think that analysis is probably correct, but there are a couple additional factors that ought to be taken into consideration. There's a difference between recoil and perceived recoil. If the recoil is spread out over time, it's likely to be perceived as lesser than the same raw quantity of...
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    Improving an Inexpensive Paddle

    I laughed at plastic holsters until I tried one.
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    Woolard v. Sheridan -- MD Right to Carry Case

    [sincerity, deep] Show me where it says in that Constitution where it says the commoners have some right to annoy the better people with all this talk of rights they obviously aren't qualified for, or we'd have granted them imaginary rights a long time ago. Now, shut up! [/sincerity]
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    Permanent resident aliens have second amendment rights too

    I'm proud to tell you I helped a guy with a green card qualify for a Colorado Permit to Carry Concealed Handguns. There should have been more, but better one than none.
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    The 686 is just a bit too big for me...

    Sorry, Loosedhorse, but the model 60 is built on the J frame, which is more compact than the K frame.
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    Brian Aiken's conviction overturned in NJ

    I'll bet the real reason that conviction was allowed to stand is the powers that be are deathly afraid Aiken will sue for violations of his civil rights.
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    Latest Gun Rights Victory Has Implications Beyond NC

    Thanks, Dave Workman, for sharing the judge's quote with us. That's heartening!
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    S&W K38 Masterpiece rescued

    I'd probably have it refinished just because I'm partial to pretty guns. That's one heck of a price!
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    Colt Diamondback trade

    Diamondbacks are happiest in pairs.
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    Latest Gun Rights Victory Has Implications Beyond NC

    Thank you, Second Amendment Foundation!
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    Best move for a gunny: WA, OR or CO? Why?

    Good for you! I predict you're going to love living in America.
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    Czech revolvers?

    That'd be my recommendation, too. I've bought dozens of used Colt and Smith & Wesson revolvers over the years. If you're reasonably careful, you shouldn't have a problem.
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    Schuman on CBS calling for a study on stand your ground laws

    Any excuse will do, and it's also a distraction from the Obama Depression and high and rising cost of gasoline. Think of it as a two for one propaganda opportunity.
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    Driving in OR and NV without recognized permit

    I don't go to states that don't honor my Colorado permit. If they want my dollars, they can respect my civil rights.