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    How to make Top Shot better?

    Put them in full combat gear and drop them in the middle of Pakistan. But with full training so even the civies have somewhat of a chance like the others. The first loss would be the annoying announcer.
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    You read my mind with the mosin nagant
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    S&W sigma 9mm

    they must be boollit proof
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    D. C. Court of Appeals Upholds D.C. Registration and AWB in Heller 2

    DC not compliant with scotus? And that surprises you?
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    When police take your gun....

    The evil gun has tasted blood, it must be locked up, for it will crave more human blood and kill to get it.
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    Shooting through liquid with a .308 (Ballistics question)

    that is why we have torpedoes.
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    Top Shot - Season 3

    I quit watching about 2 or 3 espisodes into this season, It went to being a terrible show.
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    Tactical Tommy Goes to 7-11

    I lost it at "swallowed the 10mm casing" and all through the comments! THANKYOU!!
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    How much does your CC class cost?

    Iowa runs about $50 per person, there is also online training that some sheriff's will accept. Some trainers are greedy and want $100 and up.
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    personal opinions on iwb

    Also some clothing works better with certain holsters. I have several holsters for each handgun, and each is decided by how I dress. But some of those were experiments to see what works best, IWB or OWB, and shoulder types, and a couple of others.
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    bullets wind up in the strangest places....

    that bullet they show doesnt look like it hit anything, even solid cores deform a little after hitting all that was reported.
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    Need advice on what to buy for Home Defense

    My wife and I do the same thing, (manage rental properties), and we both are permitted to carry, and do. We also have shotguns and rifles. But HD is left to handguns and shotguns. We have had to also dispatch aggressive and dangerous animals.
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    Simplest MODERN design?

    You are forgetting the Hi-point c9. There is no way to field strip it, hence 1 piece, other than the mag.
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    Wife wants guns gone; Alternative storage solutions?

    the guns are not going to jump out of the closet and run around committing crimes. My wife was the same way (was). Started checking loclal news more, so she could read more about break-ins, assaults, robberies and the like. Started taking her to the range and shooting. I came home from work one...
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    Mossberg 500 bolt loose

    I went through that with mine, did a complete reassembly, and it didn't do it any more. It's needed clearance for it to be taken apart and put back together, it is a required feature.
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    Do you bring tools to the range?

    .30 cal ammo can with cleaning kits for any caliber and tools for most anything, including a hammer, hey, you never know.
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    Top Shot - Season 3

    I was in the army in germany with Gary Quesenberry (spelling is off) I will only say that he likes to run his mouth, well after his foot is deeply entrenched in it
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    Low Gravity and Recoil

    Since I will never be in space, I will not worry about it.
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    Black Talon

    I got some nifty high dollar spray on antifriction coating that looks dark gray, I'll coat some rounds with that and call them people killers, see what that will sell for. Claim it gets 200 more fps do to the friction reduction. Penetrates double layer paper targets faster than standard rounds...