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    Disarming Prematurely

    I almost always carry a light with me. Sometimes it's not always just about being armed. You need to see your surroundings!;)
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    Colt 1911 Making Comeback

    I like the Sig but there is just something about the Colt that puts it in another level...
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    1911 picture thread...let's see them!

    Both fine shooter...:D
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    For range shooting 4" or 6"

    If it's a range only gun I'd say go with the 6". I shoot a bit better with the 6 incher and you get just a bit more power :)
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    Possible Durham, NC move. Any gun relevant info?

    I don't have much to add but good luck on your way South. You are very lucky to move to a free state. I wish I can do the same but I'm stuck here in the meantime.
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    King Cobra...who will buy one?

    I'm not sure why it is so hard to believe...but was told at our Union meeting that it will come out next year. Now if the King Cobra sell well they might bring back the other snakes but only time will tell on that.:neener:
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    King Cobra...who will buy one?

    I've already said too much...but it should be out next year.
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    King Cobra...who will buy one?

    So it looks like we might get the King Cobra back...who will get one? I myself actually want to get a Python but hopefully that is soon to come.
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    So you want a new Smith or Ruger?

    This thread makes me glad that I'm in CT....
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    $4000.00 USD for a brand new M45 .45acp?....

    I will be getting one at $1050.00 the end of the month so I'll let you guys know how it shoots. The other thing on the USMC version being rare is that this is the last month they will make them for civilian. After this month they will not be roll marked "USMC" on the slide. Another thing...
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    Best finish for a revolver

    I vote SS. You just can't go wrong with that.
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    Ruger sp101 blew up

    I'm interested in hearing the outcome of this too. Keep us up to date. Thanks.
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    LGS only including (2) magazines with Gen 4 Glocks

    Every Gen 4 that I've gotten came with 3 mags. Getting 2 mags with a gen 4 Glock is definitely not normal.
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    Colt 1911 XSE Commander- Round Count Updated from Time to Time

    Aw...shoot it. I know I will be shooting mine next month when I get it. No reason not to. You know they put over 5,000 rounds over a course of two days without changing any parts in the Colt factory with the M45 right? This pistol can handle it.
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    Colt 1911 XSE Commander- Round Count Updated from Time to Time

    Let us know how the M45 shoots. I'll be picking up mine next month :)
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    Colt 1911 XSE Commander- Round Count Updated from Time to Time

    Not to go off topic too much but I have an opportunity to get the M45 for 1,100 brand new. A buddy of mine works for Colt and they can get it for that price. Should I jump on this? I already have my 1911 filled so not really sure if I should jump at this...
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    We all make jokes about tragic boating accidents

    There is a very large lake not too far from here and that was where the accident happened...:banghead:
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    Cabelas with "backorderable" 22LR?

    It's a no-brainer if you have a 22LR wheel gun. I'm going to try it with a semi-auto and see what happens. They are saying 18 weeks now? it said 6-8 weeks just yesterday...
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    Cabelas with "backorderable" 22LR?

    anyone look at that? A buddy was able to order 1,000 rounds and he said they are pretty quick in shipping it out (usually sooner than they expect). Price isn't bad either, the only thing with 'em is they might not work well in a semi-auto firearm. It should be ok in a wheel gun...
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    ARs prices are dropping like crazy

    Enjoy buying AR15 guys. We in CT can no longer do so:banghead: