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    Benchmade Knife Sharpening Service

    It's ironic that it can be easier to download an RMA, fill out paperwork, print out and pay for a shipping label, and pack up and mail off a package than it is to just sharpen a knife when it needs it. Me, I think I'd rather use a dull knife than to go thru that, lol.
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    Crosman 1377 .177 cal pellet gun

    The Pro Hunter eye relief is a bit too long for this. If memory serves (I can't find my stock), it is serviceable if I mount the scope as far forward as possible, using the barrel mounted weaver rails. The problem is the scope extends way past the muzzle, and it looks pretty horrific. It you put...
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    Crosman 1377 .177 cal pellet gun

    Not exactly. You can buy a set of scope mounts that clamp directly to the barrel. They come in pairs, each section is only about an inch or so long, and it clamps to the barrel and has a dovetail on top. I had purchased a set for each pistol, but I ended up doubling them up on the 1377...
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    Crosman 1377 .177 cal pellet gun

    ^I've never missed on a rodent with iron sights. I know I have the shot or not. One shot = one stone dead rat. The one and only time I ever shot (and winged) a rat with the red dot, luckily it was caught up in a tree net. I tried to adjust for parallax, but I couldn't really remember how much to...
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    Eyes closed shooting position check

    This thing, IMO, is somewhat more the effect of the geometry of the handgun/sights. If the gun has a "low bore axis" then you might have to bring your head down to line up the sights. There's nothing wrong with this, AFAIC. It presents a smaller silhouette, in case someone is shooting back. And...
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    Crosman 1377 .177 cal pellet gun

    The problem with scoping a low velocity pellet pistol is that your max range is fairly limited by wind and drop, plus there's the fact that it's a pistol. OTOH, a scope or a red dot adds a huge parallax error at short range, where you might actually use it for pests. Consider that a 6" balloon...
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    Cant keep a knife sharp?

    It sounds to me like you have successfully used the "microbevel" or "high pass" method. But FYI, if you repeatedly sharpen at only this new steeper angle, you will in all likelihood start to develop a bur, again. I say this as a sharpening junky of the highest order and with the understanding...
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    Cant keep a knife sharp?

    OK, here are a variety of methods which people have come up with to remove a bur and which I know always work when performed correctly. 1.High angle pass / microbevel. Already described. 2. Plateau sharpening: This is where you say to heck with it. You rub the knife on the stone at 90 degrees...
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    Cant keep a knife sharp?

    This means you have a big enough bur to cause the symptoms you originally posted. This is not a surprise, at all. Sharpening on flat, hard stones will always, 100% of the time IME, raise a significant bur. But just for your own understanding/experience, you might like to put the knife in your...
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    Cant keep a knife sharp?

    Everyone agrees what a bur is, more or less. It's a bit of excess, malleable metal hanging off the apex of your knife. This bur doesn't spring back. It stays where you push it. How and why it forms? i have my own ideas, but that's religion, and I'm not going to step into it. A simple way to...
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    Sharpening FAQ

    The fineness of the compound depends on what you want to do with it. The formax stuff isn't even that fine. It contains aluminum oxide particles much larger than fine chrome-ox. Even pure chrome-ox has a huge effect on an edge, compared to a naked strop. But since Formax is too fine for your...
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    "Stainless" vs "Carbon" steel

    No. "High carbon" is not a great name. In hindsight, we could maybe have called it "chromium-free" steel, but we started calling it "high carbon" in comparison to milder steels with say 0.3-0.6% carbon content, before chromium steel was common in industry. Trivia: The chromium in the steel...
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    Dropping handgun poll

    Drop safety is a real thing, but the real major concern is for drop safety in a muzzle-up drop. There are still plenty of older handguns out there which will can kill someone when dropped. It has happened before, and it will happen again. Most all currently produced handguns which aren't "full...
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    Dropping handgun poll

    Went shooting out in the desert with my GF and another couple. When we arrived and got out of the car, the girl handed me her pistol. It was a SW SVE, which is nothing special. Except it was her first handgun. And it was brand new, still unfired. Yeah. I dropped it in sand, dirt, and rocks. The...
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    When is a knife not a dangerous weapon?

    This... except the wiggle room is just as likely to be applied to the carrier as the knife. If the person is a "known trouble maker" (or confused with one... profiled as one... or the officer is just a human being having a bad day), watch out for the baby SAK on your keychain. Vague wording like...
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    Been a while - new stuff

    I'm not sure which one I like the best. I would probably use the axe. And hang the seaxe on a wall, just to see-the-axe. ;). I would probably carry around the pukko once a year, but I'd find every excuse not to use it, haha. "Can I borrow your knife?" "Why, are you dying?" I feel proud of...
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    Glock 19 Gen. 3 or 4?

    All current production Glocks use the new MIM extractor. This is what is driving some people batty with inconsistent brass trajectory. Gen 4: backstraps and gritty texture. dual recoil spring... supposed to last twice as long... and it costs more than 3x as much to replace and takes up more...
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    Primer Problem

    The difference between 1 1/2 and 5 1/2 is the hardness of the cups. Softer cups will seal better at lower pressure, preventing gas blowing out between the primer and the pocket. This leakage can cause gas cutting in a little circular ring on the breechface. At 9mm pressures, 5 1/2 presumably...
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    Back in the 9mm market,,,again

    Oh yeah. Of the ones I have owned, I rate grip angle G19/23 steepest ... ... G17/22/34/35 ... ... G27/26/30 G20/21 G20/21SF = straightest Aside from the G19 and G17 frames, I find all the other Glocks (on my list; I haven't owned them all) very closer to middle of the road. I'd...
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    Back in the 9mm market,,,again

    G19/23 is the steepest grip angle of all the glocks.