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  1. CopperFouling

    Cutting gun locks

    Bolt cutters. Those locks are not very strong. If you make a mistake with an angle grinder, your next thread is going to be titled “Repairing gouges in my handguns.”
  2. CopperFouling

    Browning Buck Mark malfunction

    My Buck Mark has been shot quite a bit. I'd say probably somewhere between 25k and 35k rounds (when I was buying 525 bulk packs for $13 a box, my friend and I would shoot a couple in a weekend). I've replaced the extractor, extractor spring plunger, and extractor spring as well as the recoil...
  3. CopperFouling

    Pro’s / Con’s HK45 US V1 45 ACP Pistol 81000026

    The LEM on either the HK45 or P30 is an acquired taste, but it is consistent. Then you have excellent ergonomics, reliable performance, and a hammer to cover with your thumb when reholstering.
  4. CopperFouling

    Going to trade a fellow for a Benelli M4, things to look for?

    “Spendy” is the right word there. Those parts are quite expensive. The M4 is hugely fun to shoot. Buy some slugs, and you won’t need a spotting scope to see the holes at 50 yards. :D
  5. CopperFouling

    Going to trade a fellow for a Benelli M4, things to look for?

    I’m curious as to what company made the trigger group. The OEM trigger group is insanely expensive, and the only aftermarket ones that I have seen are double that.
  6. CopperFouling

    Breakthrough solvent on black J-frame

    That’s the one! It works well on my other firearms. I used to use Hoppe’s Elite, but the last time I went to buy it, I couldn’t find it anywhere.
  7. CopperFouling

    Breakthrough solvent on black J-frame

    Has anyone used Breakthrough to clean a black J-frame? I've read about that particular solvent causing issues with some black finishes (Dan Wessons, if I recall correctly). Just want to make sure I don't cause any issues before I clean my M&P 340.
  8. CopperFouling

    Rizzini field guns———opinions and experience, please

    If you buy one, make sure to post some pictures here. I've not seen many of them in the wild. @entropy , what's the story behind that manufacturer? I've not heard of them, and their double guns look nice for the money.
  9. CopperFouling

    SW 340PD ported?

    Personally, .38 Special + P is the limit of my ability to shoot the 340 (the cousin of the 360) well.
  10. CopperFouling

    Smith & Wesson M&P 340

    That is a great question. I usually carry an HK P30 in a waist pack. It’s too heavy for the pack, honestly. I usually don’t wear waders unless we are having some chilly weather in March or April or October. When I do, they are just hip waders. Most of the streams that I fish are small, so...
  11. CopperFouling

    Smith & Wesson M&P 340

    Yeesh. In my experience, S&W quality control was rather questionable when last bought one in 2016 or so. If I do buy one, I'll have to be careful about what it looks like at the store.
  12. CopperFouling

    Smith & Wesson M&P 340

    I'm thinking of buying a J-frame to accompany me on fly fishing trips. I'm looking for something light with a fully enclosed hammer as an alternative to a heavier semiautomatic. The M&P 340 has a good front sight, which is a major factor, as I do not like the 442 front sight. It would be...
  13. CopperFouling

    Mossberg 500: accessories and upgrades

    Essetac makes shell cards as does Vang Comp. You could get the plate to attach them, but I have seen many people just find some extra-strong Velcro with adhesive backing and cut it to fit The Magpul stock was a major upgrade for me. The OEM stock was abusing my face.
  14. CopperFouling

    That One Go-to .357

    Nice grips on that revolver there.
  15. CopperFouling

    20+ Browning Buckmarks available, are they mostly the same?

    You have to love them. That one has considerably more wear now. I have somewhere around 21k rounds through it, if I had to guess. Had a few instances years ago where a friend and I went through four of the 525 bulk packs between the two of us over a weekend at his cabin. I did have to replace...
  16. CopperFouling

    Will the Benelli M1 Super 90 fire and cycle 12 ga mini shells?

    I don’t know about minishells specifically, but my friend’s had trouble cycling 1 oz. birdshot. It has a pretty strong recoil spring.
  17. CopperFouling

    Engraved S&W 686

    And the final price is...$7525. :what:
  18. CopperFouling

    Engraved S&W 686

    I think those are stock.
  19. CopperFouling

    Engraved S&W 686

    $3,526 with six days left. :eek:
  20. CopperFouling

    Where has all the wood gone?

    I was close. :D Those are nice rifles.