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    What's the biggest handgun you've carried IWB?

    I tried carrying a Desert Eagle 357Mag IWB once for a few days. Was not very comfortable. Probably could have managed to do so with a quality OWB holster instead. Comfortably it is a tie between a Beretta 92 and several flavors of 1911. Both are about the same size.
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    Optics on your concealed carry?

    My full size carry option has an optic. My pocket gun does not. I like them but they will probably never be on my smallest carry firearms. Having a window on one sort of eliminated the advantage of a small gun.
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    Rem Oil Use.

    I prefer G96. But I keep some Remoil around for light cleanings. I change up what I clean with so I am not going through one kind of cleaner too quickly. I have G96, Remoil, CLP of both military and commercial vintage, Spartan solutions, and Hoppes Elite as options for cleaning. And thats just...
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    I don't *get* PCC rifles

    Wow folks. I was not expecting this thread to churn up so much discussion. Thank you. I have tried to read every post and take into consideration everyone's POV. Cause that is a great part about THR. I suppose the object of my PCC confusion is the 9mm. And 45ACP to an extent. I have some very...
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    I don't *get* PCC rifles

    I know this is gonna get some flak, I don't really care. It is more for discussion. But I don't really understand the point of pistol caliber carbines/rifles. Handguns, in both form factor and caliber, are a compromise. You carry a handgun because carrying a rifle is too cumbersome, obvious...
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    Garbage like this realllllly annoys

    That is just plain awful. Reminds me of anything I see in a Budk catalog. As someone who has plenty of authentic and vintage Kabars, just plain disgusting.
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    I just started carrying pepper spray

    I have been LEO/military certified on 3 different types of pepper spray. Sabre red, Defense Tech 1st Defense .4%, and Freeze +p. Freeze by far is the best and worst pepper spray, depending on which side of the nozzle you are standing on. My current can expired 5 years ago and the label is almost...
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    Mossberg lever action .30-30: Why discontinued?

    Because they are. I have handled many Remlins at stores, looking for something budget minded in a similar caliber. None compared to my Marlin made in the 80s. Fit, finish, and quality were nowhere near the same. Even during the last 3 years Remington was in business, their Marlins were shod quality.
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    Appendix carry.

    Holster selection is far more important than firearm selection when it comes to appendix carry. I used to carry appendix in a soft leather holster, a striker-fired pistol. Then I read about holsters getting old and soft allowing a divet to form around the trigger and bang. So I started using a...
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    Felons Cannot Possess Firearms or People Under Investigation for a Felony Cannot Possess Firearms?

    I was once under a felony indictment. I was not allowed to buy any new firearms during that time, but the ones I had were not in danger of confiscation. The most inconvenient portion was my concealed carry permit at the time was suspended. So I could not carry a firearm for awhile. To this day I...
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    Looking for new cleaning kit

    A custom built set from parts and pieces is better than anything pre-built you can buy. Because you know what you have and what you need. A fishing tackle with organization trays is a great idea, start, and something to maintain. If you want to compact a gun cleaning set, finding a gun cleaning...
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    Largest caliber you own?

    As mentioned my biggest is 30-06. I have "fired" (more like a firing sequence) the Gau-8 Avenger 30mm outside of an A-10. That was phenomenal. But I don't ever need something that big or close to it. I would like to have a 30-30 or 308 and be done for all my hunting needs. If ever get back into...
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    Mossberg lever action .30-30: Why discontinued?

    How? I have yet to see a Ruger-made Marlin on the shelf. They are not producing the Marlin level quality and quantity that they were known for. Back when I bought my first Marlin, it was 300 bucks compared to the 1000 Henry. Now, Henrys are the cheaper rifle by comparison to the new Marlins. I...
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    Maverick 88 Security

    I have a heavily modified Maverick 88 with a 20" barrel and 7+1 capacity with 2 3/4" shells. Recently I have added a Defender Tactical minishell adapter in replacement of the Opsol adapter. Haven't put it through the reliability ringer yet, but it works great with dry runs. Been utterly reliable...
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    Source for barrels w/ rifle sights?

    Midway used to have a lot of rifled shotgun barrels. But they have been out of stock for a very long time.
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    Home Defense Shot Size

    Very different numbers on a shell box. I like #4 buck for home defense. Or the mix shot of #4 and #1 buck in the Aguila mini shells, I haven't tried the Federal ones yet. First boxes of #4 I ever got was during the pandemic and 00 buck was gone. Found I like it just as good as 00 buck when I...
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    Largest caliber you own?

    I consider myelf quite recoil sensitive. Largest I have is a 30-06. And that is a little too much for hunting in southeast thickets and swamps. So far my longest shot has been just shy of 200 yards. And most of that was a clearing around a pond.
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    Caliber selection for small frame hunter

    There are some ultra light very low recoil builds you could put together in an AR like a short barrel 300 Blackout. But if you are particularly budget conscious, I would find a Ruger or Savage budget bolt gun in 243. That is probably the lightest weight cheapest package you are going to get...
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    A spare reload if needed

    For deep concealment, I don't carry a reload. I will just have to live with having the 7+1 I have on hand. For my other carry, I am not as determined as I once was to carry a spare. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Full service size firearm with 15+1, light and optic. The spare is 17 round...
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    Who dislikes/hates the Beretta 92FS/M9?

    I liked my service issue M9. It was accurate enough. Didn't fit my hand great but when you have to have a one size fits all pistol for everyone, choice doesn't matter. I still have my holsters and magazines that I bought separately for it and would like to have one in my safe. Even just for...