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    Court Certified Use of Force Expert Interview

    In which professional legal journal did your interview appear? (I'd like to read it within the context of an actual publication in addition to the PDF file from your business website that you provided) From within this thread I was able to glean that you are not from the state I am from. Our...
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    Midways New Site

    It's AWESOME ain't it? Just 1 stoplight and 2 stopsigns (all right hand turns) from my front door. Dang I LOVE this place as a gun-hobbyist, lol ! ! !
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    Price increases?

    Did it say exactly which May (2012, 2013, 2014 - etc) these things were going to increase?
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    filling out the ccw application? - MO

    Yes - what bhk said. Depending on where you live and how busy your local sheriff department is, you may want to call first and speak to the designated person that processes your application... It's a requirement here locally in my county because she is so busy and it takes more than a few...
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    Apartment Manager Freak-out

    I don't let mine watch television until after dinner. :)
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    Korean war vet question?

    If you've ever been treated at a VA hospital, they MIGHT (actually, a good chance) have a copy of your DD214 on micro-fiche - - feel free to contact me for additional information.
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    Long day ended by a bakground check denial :(

    ^^ this ^^ At this point, speculating that it has anything to do with mental health is exactly that - speculation.
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    The Last Gun I'd Ever let Go Of

    misread OP's post and deleted mine as irrelevant.
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    Where to get cheap gun socks? or a package of 5 - remember that even though they have a low price, that MidWay has the "minimum order charge" - so plan accordingly....
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    Right place and right time twice in one month

    to stray off topic momentarily, I just spent about 10 seconds in a very non-specific use of the "advanced search" function of THR and the term LGS is all over the place back to at least December 2008..... ....but as I stated at the begining, I only took a moment to search.
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    Restore Old Cannon Ball

    Yup - lots of these have "exploded" over the years in Virginia - and I don't even think the cited story is the most recent. It is NOT a rare occurence.
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    Neighbor hands me a pistol pointed at self.

    EASY answer - don't accept the gun..... .....for as you say in your signature line - "There is absolutely nothing that you can do with a firearm to harm other people or their property that is not already covered by an existing law"
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    CCW Storage AT Airport Long-Term Parking

    That's one heck of an assumption; returning to retrieve? left to me as an inheritence? bringing a handgun back? My only question was for feedback regarding leaving a carry-weapon in my vehicle while at the airport. There's nothing more to it than that - but thanks for your concern and your...
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    CCW Storage AT Airport Long-Term Parking

    Aye - never said it was..... but I'll still be dropping someone off in Kansas City, KS area both en route TO the airport and en route BACK from the airport when I come back (that's the "crossing state line" part - not that it matters to the situation)
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    CCW Storage AT Airport Long-Term Parking

    Conceal Carry Weapon..... and again, I'm not carrying luggage on this trip; not even a carry-on.
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    CCW Storage AT Airport Long-Term Parking

    Not carrying luggage on this trip; not even a carry-on.
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    CCW Storage AT Airport Long-Term Parking

    Feedback Please... VERY EARLY one morning this week I will be traveling from MO across the stateline to KS and flying out of Kansas City Airport for a 5 day visit with family in both the Tucson and Phoenix areas. While there, there is a personal handgun waiting for me - all legal, no prob...
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    I put my Shotgun into the Ceiling

    Put a broom in your hand and wait until she walks in the door, the minute she sees you, act shocked, surprised - yes STARTLED and simply jerk and "bump" the broom handle hard in the ceiling near the same spot. Keep the broom in your hand and act all appologetic'N'stuff - i.e. "AWE CRAP HON -...
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    Your UNCONVENTIONAL door answerer gun

    Well, with lots of outdoor lighting, I look through the VERY wide-angled peep-hole and see who it is. If I DO NOT RECOGNIZE THEM - I don't open the door and ask them what they need. Will I let them in? No - but I'll call someone for them if they need it and they are welcome to wait outside on...