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    SportEars hearing protection? Any first hand exp?

    Blue you should research a local audiologist or ENT doctor who can properly fit you for hearing aids. good electronic hearing aids which fit in the ear canal run hundreds to thousands of dollars, however, if you are hard of hearing they may be covered on your insurance. most modern...
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    The faces of THR

    so here's a couple of and after a hunt and the lovely Mrs. Doc, also after the hunt
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    how do i remove stock?

    thanks for the assistance!
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    how do i remove stock?

    it's a New UltraLight Arms Model 28. the sling stud broke free (lots of rounds fired off a bipod) it is my understanding that ONLY ONE of the trigger guard screws is to be removed, in order to not change the alignment of the action/point of impact
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    how do i remove stock?

    i have a bolt action rifle with a broken stock. i want to replace the stock. Which of the trigger guard screws do i remove? thanks
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    You Know You're a Mall Ninja If...

    i'm in trouble now i DO consider El Tejon a tactical demigod... time to get out my ceramic plates (i always carry mine in a backpack, that way they are in position ready when stacking my precision long distance weapon and i took my throw-down from a pogue who was hitting the Dollar Store...
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    pregnancy and indoor shooting range

    shooting while pregnant to my fellow THR colleagues, it is easy to find opinions; wisdom is harder to come by. i thought i learned my lesson previously. [right, Pax?] suffice it to say that i am indeed an OB/GYN (no, really) (my contact info is below, feel free to verify). and a...
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    Why Do I need to tell UPS that it's a Gun?

    Hello El Tejon! Merry Christmas to you (and everyone else) what if you are shipping the gun to yourself? say you are returning from rural west texas, in the hill country and stop at the...Mountain Home, TX post office OR the UPS store in, oh say, Kerrville TX and ship said long gun or...
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    Does an interest in firearms lead to paranoia?

    in the words of Clint Smith, "If you carry a gun, people will call you paranoid. That’s ridiculous. If I have a gun, what in the hell do I have to be paranoid about?" You’re only paranoid until something happens; then, you are prepared.
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    Things You Don't Want to See at the Range

    maybe; i went to visit Bob in the emergency room; he was fine (and lucky that the bullet hit nothing of import all he said was that the detectives had talked to him and then they left on their way to speak with that couple who left so fast never did hear what happened to them
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    Things You Don't Want to See at the Range

    a local gunclub had made arrangements to use the police department range in the basement of the station. we all shot alot and after the evening's PPC competition, my cousin and i were packed up ang just about ready to leave when someone came running into the room with the pop machine just...
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    Can someone help me understand why...

    customer service is a thing of the past. there was this new gun, just out, and no one in town had it. so while i was at the SHOT show in Las Vegas i made arrangements with the manufacturer to ship them (yep, i bought two) to my local gun store; i gave the manufacturer all the info...
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    Our favorite DEA agent to be on NBC

    did he mention his lawsuit against his agency???
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    Cylinder & Slide Dunk-Kit

    ed's red is fine, but it does smell rather strongly. i have for several years simply soaked gun parts in odorless mineral spirits which has worked very nicely. after shooting > 500 rounds thru my AR 15 i field strip it and completely submerge it in the odorless mineral spirits for 10-15...
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    Spotting Scope Recommendation

    it's really hard to appreciate until you actually use it, but good glass is a long way from awesome glass. i was recently at a precision rifle class and got to use a Schmidt & Bender 5-25x rifle scope; set on the same power as my Leupold there was no comparison. the S&B was orders of...
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    Rifles Only, Precision Rifle Course

    yessir, i believe you are correct it's a pity we don't shoot more PR or competitions, if we did we would have brought that gun home with us the G A Precision website has one in stock in 300 win mag which is tempting too
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    Rifles Only, Precision Rifle Course

    SRM: yes, wanda shot Jacob's KopfJaeger limited edition rifle it was quite 'the bomb' but really not practical for hunting, but an awesome rifle
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    Rifles Only, Precision Rifle Course

    the lovely Miss Wanda (aka Mrs Doc) and i just returned from a two day precision rifle tutorial at Rifles Only in Kingsville Texas. Jacob Bynum runs the school along with his wife Lisa; and they are the consumate hosts. We went with our constant companions and hunting buddies from Austin Texas...
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    SHOT Show Coming Up Soon - Anybody Going?

    you bet; wouldn't miss it being an 'industry professional' and all... we will be staying near by and walking our feet off Mrs. Doc will be there, signing autographs and chumming with the well known and literati of the gun world and NRA
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    Walnut Tree

    good luck! i tried in vain to GIVE AWAY about a cord of black walnut from two trees which had to be cut on my property! i contacted several woodwording and gunstock makers, no one wanted the wood.