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    Knife VS GUN, inside 21 feet, Instructor Zero and Doug Meraidia

    I have survived two knife attacks when I was younger. One I was lucky and the jerk was waving it around trying to impress his friends. For a second he looked at his friends and smiled. Bad move on his part. It was probably more of a threat display than anything else. I could not run away because...
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    Choosing a Glock 17 or 34

    If it's a range gun or home defense weapon I would go with the G34 for the extra sight radius, etc.. If it might get carried the G17 is the better bet. Have both. If I had to chose I would keep the G17. Just a little more versatility.
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    H&Ks vs Sigs and Walther

    H&K's are superb weapons. Every bit as good as SIG or Walther. I only have USP's. The SIG's double action trigger is better. Single action about equal. Yes the H&K's were expensive. But lately their prices have come down. And SIG's are going through the roof. Their are sites where you can order...
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    Let's talk about 9mm pocket guns

    LC9S all the way. Great trigger, "melted" from the factory, accurate, light, and reliable. Carry it in a pocket in a Nemesis holster. And it saved my butt! Makes one very fond of the gun.
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    Beretta Tomcat

    Had an early Tomcat. Really liked it. Gun was 100% reliable. Really accurate for the size. Then the slide cracked. They sent me a new one but the "widebody" had not come out yet. Word of cracked slides everywhere. Picked up a P32 to replace it. Made the Beretta feel like a boat anchor. For the...
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    Glock G19 vs Sig P320

    The 320 felt better in my hand than the G19. It shot a bit more accurately for me probably because of this. Keeping my G19 though. Tons of aftermarket parts and an easy design to work on make the G19 very attractive. But if you like the 320 better your getting a great gun. And it all comes down...
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    Ruger LC9 vs LC9s

    I had the DA LC9. I started off shooting revolvers so the trigger was no problem for me. When I tried the LC9s I traded the old LC9 that day. The trigger is superb. Mine is right at 4 lbs. It makes the gun much easier to shoot fast and accurately. Mine will shoot at realistic ranges as well as a...
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    Any Sig P-239 owners here? Opinions?

    I have the whole original SIG P series except for the P6(225). The reason I don't have the P6 s the 239 that replaced it is smaller, carries the same number of bullets, gives up nothing in the accuracy department. In fact the 239 is one of the most accurate guns I own. As far as not being much...
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    Losing Faith in the 1911. Help

    Even Hilton Yam one of best out there to work on 1911's says they are not for everyone. They do require more TLC and are more finicky as a whole than most of todays polymer guns. Out of the dozen or so I've owned over the years about half needed work to be reliable. As you know the 1911 is...
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    Is ruger over extending themselves

    I did have problems with my LCP. It had to go back several times. Finally they just replaced the gun and all was well. Are they putting them out fast? Yes, but Ruger takes good care of its customers. I don't mind if something is wrong so much. Stuff happens. But how they take care of you after...
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    Anybody ever take a Dremel tool...

    Dremel tools should be banned. LOL! Seriously though I have seen too many guns messed up by smeone using them over the years to even touch one. A little bit goes a long ways.
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    Interesting test against IIIa soft armor

    The 7.62x25 got it's reputation for penetrating body armor in the early days of body armor development. Way back in the time of the publishing of the "Shooting to Live" book the 7.62x25 was feared because of it's ability to shoot through the body armor of the time. And although not a large...
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    Using slide release over manually retracting the slide.

    I have not read all the threads in this dialogue. ut as far as a reload goes on a gun with lesser payload such as a single stack auto or a revolver the best answer has been out there for a long time. A proven in combat answer that dates back to our Old Western times. And proven again by the...
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    Using slide release over manually retracting the slide.

    Although I agree that the retracting and releasing of the slide is a gross motor skill rather than a fine motor skill. Which is better under adrenal dump. And it does chamber the round with more authority. For many decades releasing the slide stop worked. And it's faster. You don't have to break...
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    Beretta opinion.

    Hard to find a better looking gun than a Beretta 92 INOX. Yes they are big and heavy but they are also very accurate and totally reliable. Got a PX4 Compact. No it doesn't have the loos of steel and wood. But what polymer gun does. Sure is better looking than Block. And mine has been accurate...
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    Brass being thrown forward?

    Since glock came out with the GEN4's and GEN3's that are using the same MIM, oversprung, or out of spec parts brass going everywhere is not unusual. Not as bad as a few years ago. But the guns in 9mm have been especially bad including: 1.) Early guns did not allow enugh room in the frame for...
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    tell me about the 25 auto cartridge?

    Sharp stick through the eye or throat to keep them back with judicious application of .25 caliber bullets at the same time. Use anything to gain an advantage.
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    tell me about the 25 auto cartridge?

    Like the larger Colt Pocket models the '03 and '08 I would love to have one of the little .25's. I've seen a few at the range that are ancient and still serving their original purpose. Some don't look so good. But they work. Would I (and do) rather have something more powerful? Of course. But...
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    .45 ACP stopping power

    It is not uncommon for round nose bullets regardless of caliber when they strike an angular surface such as the forehead to be deflected. Just think a rounded object striking a rounded object. Deflection becomes quite easy. Jim Cirillo probably had more experience with gunfighting than most will...
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    9MM for coyote/dog protection?

    A while back the news had a post that said an elderly woman was killed by a coyote. Said it was the first reported case of it. A worse problem around here when I used to live out in the country was feral dogs. They still have a pack instinct and often traveled together. Carried a .357 Magnum...