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    Who gives a rats royal behind? YOU? (Advertising RKBA ideas)

    Your average American does not seem to have a favorable opinion of the NRA. This should be an independent initiative.
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    Mich. Police Get Bigger Pistols Mich. Police Get Bigger Pistols 03/20/2004 Department Follows Larger Bullets Trend By Joseph Deinlein, The Times Herald (Port Huron, Mich. Officer Doug Decker didn't mind his old 9-mm Sig...
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    Bush shooting Terrorists in the White House

    Teddy Roosevelt used to pack heat. In the winter he used to shoot frozen pinecones in Rock Creek Park.
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    An American, in Japan, on gun control

    Hah! Japan's history is war, war, war and serfdom. It was only through military defeat and the imposition of democratic government that ended their militarism. And I'd still rather live here. If you know anything about Japan's culture you know why. I'll take my chances with our criminals...
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    Utah Redneck Shooters Association Shoot Report.

    LOL - your second picture reminds me of that movie where a character says: "A brother can never have too many guns."
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    Who gives a rats royal behind? YOU? (Advertising RKBA ideas)

    So what exactly are we doing here? Promoting THR or mounting a media campaign aimed at hunters to make them aware of Kerry & company's anti-gun views? Both? I'm sure someone here knows the ins and outs of advertising, and can enlighten us on how to take out ads in magazines. You know...
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    Anyone ever committed this booboo?

    Yes. I put the lock on a Remington 700. This was before I had a safe. When I realized the key was lost I hacksawed it off. It was one of those locks that clamps on to the trigger guard, as opposed to one of the cable locks. My arm got a real workout.
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    Any anti-gunners out there?

    They're here, but most of them just shoot in and out real fast, for obvious reasons.
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    What kind of handgun is this soldier carrying?

    I don't think the AWB covers those kinds of shotguns, but they're so short they would be NFA weapons.
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    Minnesota's turn at an Assault Weapons Ban

    Saintofkillers is right - if this crap can even be proposed in Lousiana and Georgia then nowhere is safe. Or maybe we should all move to Alaska and secede! I wonder how the Alaskan independence party is doing these days. They won the governorship once ...
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    Assuming the AWB ends, how long for prices to stabilize?

    They're 52 bucks where I live ... FIFTY TWO DOLLARS FOR ONE STINKING MAGAZINE!!! I don't understand it myself. Pre-ban AR or AK magazines are cheaper. Anyway the people willing to pay ungodly amounts of cash for banned magazines are not common enough, I think, to keep prices artificially...
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    Minnesota's turn at an Assault Weapons Ban

    How many states have proposed one of these stupid laws this year? I count Georgia, Maryland, Louisiana(!) . . . Wait a minute, that would be an ex post facto law. I assume you mean you have to register or turn it in.
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    SCOTUS At Work. Not!

    I think in Britain all anti-terrorism legislation has a 2 year sunset provision. At least that's what I've heard.
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    Who gives a rats royal behind? YOU? (Advertising RKBA ideas)

    This has been suggested by several people in the past, including me if I may say so. I'll definitely contribute money. This is exactly what we need: a media campaign to counter the antis. I remember that stupid Brady commercial was playing non-stop during the S659 debate, and there was no...
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    MD: Del. George Owings

    ENOUGH with this constant flogging of the Democrats just for being Democrats. There are pro-gun Democrats out there, maybe not a lot at the national level, but at the state level they are there. From what I understand this guy Owings is a staunch supporter of the 2nd amendment, and no I don't...
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    Founding Fathers' Individual/Collective 2A views?

    They're not supposed to keep standing armies, hence the reliance on the militia. In fact the founders weren't too fond of the federal government keeping a professional army either. Looking at European history they saw the military as a major threat to freedom, as was a national church. They...
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    Kerry's thoroughly anti-military voting record

    We've also used the B-1, though with mixed results,
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    Where are they now? Iraqi version

    I think he should be the new VPC spokesman. "There is no right to bear arms. None! It is an illusion of the NRA gangsters."
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    Let's have some fun w/SEN Kennedy

    Send him an ad for this: "The Distinguished Gentleman from Massachussets is recognized." "I would like to add an amendment to the bill: The term 'assault weapon' shall never be used to define a container of beer, wine, or intoxicating liquor of any kind, that is shaped in the form of...
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    Forget CCW. Try yoga.

    You guys haven't mentioned Japan's suicide rate yet. I'll take my chances with the criminals over here before I'll live in a culture like that.