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    Gunsmiths of color

    The intention of the post was not to inject race but it was a question I had not thought of before. I work with TAOGART setting up gunsmith apprenticeships and talk to gunsmiths every day trying to find sponsors for the apprentices and it didn't occure to me to ask if they were as the young man...
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    Gunsmiths of color

    I was aksed a question today by a young man looking to start into the gunsmith trade, he wanted to know "if there were any gunsmiths of color" the following was my reply "As to gunsmiths of color in over thirty years as a gunsmith and having contact with hundreds of smiths throughout the world I...
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    Bluing and the EPA

    We did bluing in the shop for over thirty years and never had a problem with EPA, Now days their are neutralizers that render the salts inert enough to be flushed down the drain.
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    O.K. so what did I screw up on my Win. 94

    As the wood dries out it shrinks a little and it can require a little nudging to get things to line up. Also threads can get a little rusty and be hard to move, If you use a good fitting screwdriver and while applying pressure to the driver tap it with a hammer in quick sharp taps and the screw...
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    Msc sells them as well as a few other places. you will need these sizes in bottoming style as well.
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    870 Wingmaster & Express barrels. Threading for chokes?

    Their are other options their are adjustable chock tubs that attach over the barrel either threaded or soldered into place and allow you to adjust your choke from Imp. to supper full. Polly-choke has been around for many years , their are others if you search for them.
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    Lets break it down (firearms laws you support)

    I know several very good men who in their youth did something stupid and were convicted of a felony, yet they served their counties in war, one worked as a police officer for 27 years another owned a furniture store and was a deacon of his church but when the coward Clinton made the law...
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    gunsmith materials checklist

    sonier First off you are doing one thing right you are attending a very good gunsmith school. But you aren't going to get the experience you need to open a gun shop and be successful with out a lot more than a degree. As was said earlier you must have a very good understanding of sound...
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    Damascus steel

    I found some on the knife maker sites for some mark ll's I made a few years ago. I did the barrels as well in Damascus with steel liners. Their are several different types of Damascus being made not only from different metals but with different manufacturing techniques, some is heat treatable...
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    fitting gun for handicapped shooter

    I just received a suggestion from one of our first year gunsmith apprentices (also the youngest apprentice in the program 16 yrs old) that I think will work, it uses a bullpup trigger configuration with a pistol grip on the forearm and the trigger in the pistol grip. The shooter would still have...
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    fitting gun for handicapped shooter

    We have been asked to help set up a hunting rifle for a young man who lost his right hand and has a prosthetic hook from the wrist down. I have built several rifles for handicapped people even some for paraplegics and we have set up some strange but safe and affective devises. but this one...
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    Black chrome

    A few years ago Bob Cogan talked me out of black chrome for my carry gun while it wears better than regular bluing it still isn't as good as hard chrome. But if you have your mind set on black chrome he is the best around.
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    removing gun blue

    Muriatic acid will remove the blue instantly, most hardware stores sell it. A little on a rag will do the job. Be sure to wash it off with cold water and apply wd-40 to the metal to protect it until you are ready to re blue.
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    canjar set trigger

    Has anyone seen any Canjar set triggers for sale? I need Enfield, Mauser, Rem. 700. I have found several but they are not the set triggers.
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    Refinishing Question

    Just about any stripper will work unless its one of the newer stocks with the plastic like finish on it than Brownells sells a stripper just for it. After steaming and sanding I use OOOO steel wool to go over the stock if its going to be a hunting rifle than I just finish it with Sea-finn teak...
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    Gun buy back

    I used to buy confiscated guns from police departments at auction, some were in lot form with 100 or so guns in a lot, over the years I got some pretty good deals and lots of jennings, ravens, bryco, and other junk, I bet I have close to a hundred of those junkers around I would be glad to give...
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    Files/stones for metal work?

    You want to make sure you hold your work piece in a good vise and learn to make short even strokes so not to round sharp edges, I use dykem on the parts and mark the area to be worked on with a scribe than take off the metal to the line. Its a good idea to put the parts together often to check fit.
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    Gun Smithing/Cleaning Values?

    Follow all state and federal rules, their is no gray zone, if you arn't sure ask the ATF in writing and keep their answer on file. Bussness classes and Insurance are a must, You can be the best smith their is but go out of business without good business prat ices. In over 30 years of business...
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    I want to learn gunsmithing

    I work as a volunteer for Taogart as a apprenticeship coordinator, All apprentices are required to take 140 hrs. of related study which includes several semesters of business classes. you can be the best gunsmith in the business and fail without good business practices...
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    I want to learn gunsmithing

    I have been a professional gunsmith for more than 30 years, and I think a definition of a gunsmith is a guy who spends 16+ hours a day on a bench fixing guns by replacing and fitting parts both bought from suppliers or making them if necessary, fitting stocks, installing accessories, metal...