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    They Don't Call it a Masterpiece for No Reason...

    My first agency, we could carry a Colt,Smith or Ruger 4 inch barrel 38/357 revolverm period. We were issued 38:125 grain jacketed hollowpoints, by whatever company that Got the contract.I bought a model 15 for two reasone. First the supply store was sold out of 19’s. Second, we were not allowed...
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    Some thoughts on the M&P Bodyguard 380

    I bought mine looking to replace my keltec 32. After trying to like the smith The last tw years, I had a friend still on the job who liked it more, of the two ,my 32/ never has had an issue, is easy to take apart and Carrie’s just as easy, looks like hell after 12 years, but I like it and trust...
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    Smith and Wesson 4506--Thoughts and Experiences?

    Had a 645 for a minute when they first came out. Carried it as an investigator and it was heavy! Went back to my commander. The in about 90, got put on a narcotics task force that required dovule actions and bought a 457,love that gun and it is doing duty as my nightstand piece today
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    duty size gun carry for ccw

    Well, my last uniform duty weapon was a personal owned Usp40. Great weapon that I still have, but when in plainclothes, I carried my Colt Officers. While I love my Colt, these days I carry my sig290rs most of the time because I am old, I know where I put put my rounds and I am not looking to go...
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    How did vintage plain clothes detectives carry their sidearms?

    1982-1985, carried a 19 2.5 k frame in a pancake holster or my model 36. Went to a Colt government model in 1985. In Texas it was pretty much belt holsters strong side. Knew only one guy used crossdraw and virtually no one used a shoulder holster
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    Do you own a Glock?

    I own the issued gun I had when I retired. Was issued It in 1999. Qualified 4 times a year but carried my usp, 457 or my go to my Colt Officers whenever I could depending on who was Sheriff and whatever new policy came down.
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    Colt vs. S&W vs. Ruger

    Love how smooth my old detective special is. However I have shot the dang thing enough that I once got it out of time. Got it fixed back when I could find a Colt gunsmith. Then went back to my Smiths. For single gun I would always pick Smith and Wesson, they just work a
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    J frame goodness VS K frame shooting

    I went to the police academy back in 1981. We were given an allowance for our uniforms, boots, firearm. The firearm had to be a Smith or Colt 4 to 6 inch barrel, 38 or 357.There were 67 officers in y class. When I got to the gun store, there were no 19’s or 66’s left! There was a model 15, and a...
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    Best SD ammo for .38 Snubby

    Nothing wrong with buffalo wadcutters, my experience at least out of my 36 and my 60 is Hollow points do not reliably expand.
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    Anyone a fan of S&W 3rd generation autos?

    Carried a 457 while assigned to a task force early 90’s . Loved it and still have it
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    Glock 36? Enlighten Me

    Had one for just long enough to try and qualify for my job. Department had gone Glock and I was An investigator in plain clothes. The thing was unreliable after 500 plus rounds on the range. After trying to qualify, and having issues with the thing, I gave up and went back to my Colt Officer...
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    Anyone a fan of S&W 3rd generation autos?

    I carried a 457 for work when I was assigned to a task force for the state. They did not allow my 1911 Colt back then. It had to be a double action. Shot a lot back then and it never had so much as a stovepipe even dirty. Still have it and sometimes carry it in winter if I am going somewhere...
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    Best of the 9mm micros

    When I retired from law enforcement after 33 years, I purchased a new Sig 290rs. It is heavy as others have said, but it is thin and I can hit with it out to 25 yards. It is dead nuts reliable, had a heavy enough trigger pull to not require a safety and acts very much like a double action...
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    Forgotten revolver tips and tricks.

    Came out of the academy in 1981. We were in a mainly Smith and Wesson part of Texas. Most everyone carried K frames. Issued silver tips and later 125 grain jhp. Learned to load off loops, two at a time looking up and at my front sight. We did drills that required us to just load two and re...
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    Any problems with officer model 1911s

    I bought new and carried a Colt Compact as my work gun from 1989 thru retirement in 2012. I did have it tuned up a bit, replaced the trigger and a few other parts. It has never failed to fire the countless training classes and qualifications. Over the years working for new bosses, sometimes...
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    The best for EDC revolver ever?

    I carried a model 36 for a bug and off duty for at least 20 years. Over time, i tried a Colt Detective and Colt Agent, they were slightly thicker but not to bad. Both began to have timing issues after a couple thousand rounds. Not a big deal when you could find a gunsmith who knew how to keep...
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    Could use some advice about S&W 15-2 purchase

    My first duty gun, carried daily from 1981 thru 1985 . Back then 19’s were the rage and were in short supply and this was in stock, since we were issued 38 special ammo, was an easy choice and served me very well. I would not sell it for any price even now
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    Smallish DA/SA .45 ACP?

    I am a 1911 guy, but in the early 90’s. I was assigned on a multi agency task force. They did not allow single actions so I bought a Smith 457. Without a doubt best out of the box 45 I ever had. Still got it, now magazines are crazy expensive, but that is one good gun if you can find one
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    Is 5 or 6 really enough in today's world.

    Spent 33 years as a peace officer. SWAT qualified, and used a number of firearms. Including my K frame model 15, Smith and Wesson 469, my Colt Officers model and my issued Glock 22. My backup/ off duty gun was always my model 36. Had to learn to shoot at 25 yards with it and as training got more...
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    '70's Big Bore Concealed Carry

    I wanted a Star, but out in West Texas, you never could find one. By mid 80’s Colt had got the message and put out the Officer models.