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  1. bluetopper

    Powder prices

    Now, Vihtavouri powder is about in line with all the other brands of powder. Who would have ever thought it.
  2. bluetopper

    .38 Special 148 grain wadcutter loads using Bullseye

    The Lyman data is for a button nose double end wadcutter made of a harder alloy, not a hollow base wadcutter made of a very soft lead alloy, that's the difference. Seat your bullet to the crimp groove, that's what it's for. You can load your Hunters supply bullets anywhere from 2.7 to 3.2 and be...
  3. bluetopper

    SS pins and decapping first

    I’m just getting into cleaning brass using SS media and I’m reading most people decap their brass first. Doesn’t this defeat the purpose in having a progressive reloading press? I mean really. I’m just not going to do it.
  4. bluetopper

    Pins come out of 223 brass?

    Will stainless pins .290” long shake out of 223 brass?
  5. bluetopper

    Stevens 325c, Savage 340, Springfield 840 trigger group

    I found an old post on the forum where someone had restored an old Savage model 340 with a lot of pics. I think that is all I'm going to need.
  6. bluetopper

    Stevens 325c, Savage 340, Springfield 840 trigger group

    I bought a Stevens 325c bolt action 30-30 without the trigger group for cheap then I bought a bunch of parts off Numrich to hopefully make a functioning rifle and I can't find a YouTube video how to assemble it all. Can someone help?
  7. bluetopper

    Tracking Number of Loadings on Brass

    For what purpose? Shoot them till the neck splits.
  8. bluetopper

    Need screw-in sight

    I ordered two brass bead shotgun sights in two different thread pitches. surely one will fit.
  9. bluetopper

    I was wrong

    They look on par with Charter Arms revolvers.
  10. bluetopper

    Need screw-in sight

    Do you know where there are ANY screw-in sights for sale no matter the thread size? It had a round orange sight on it, looked exactly like a shotgun sight. It did it no justice.
  11. bluetopper

    Need screw-in sight

    It's on a S&W 27-2 with a 10 inch custom aftermarket barrel.
  12. bluetopper

    Need screw-in sight

    Does anyone know where I can get a screw in sight for this barrel? Preferably a Patridge sight. Thanks.
  13. bluetopper

    American Reloading pull downs, 75/77gr. SMK

    I bet they shoot pretty good. Try them first before you go berating a reloading vendor on a gun forum. You received exactly what they advertised.
  14. bluetopper

    Dream revolver

    I'll settle for a nice S&W Registered Magnum at a pawn shop that didn't have a clue as to what they had.
  15. bluetopper

    Pros and cons of an 8" barrel

    If you benchrest shoot, you bet. An 8" barrel is the way to go.
  16. bluetopper

    Freedom Arms Fan Boy?

    Here’s my 10 inch FA 44 Magnum. It shipped from their factory in 1990. Love to benchrest and shoot paper at 100 yards.
  17. bluetopper

    How to adjust sight?

    Just purchased this 681-1 with a Wichita sight rib and I was wondering if anyone knows the correct method of adjusting the sight? It has four set screws on top and the large dial as shown in the picture. Thanks!
  18. bluetopper

    Pinned and Recessed S&W Model 27-2 in .357 Price?

    They can ask whatever they want but are they getting it?
  19. bluetopper

    Explosion at Hornady

    Every video I've ever seen of primer manufacturing, the workers were standing in about 2 inches of water.
  20. bluetopper

    Double End and Button Nose Wadcutters at 357 Magnum Velocities

    If I remember correctly the hardback Lee reloading book has a lot of 357 double end wadcutter data.