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  1. SSN Vet

    Gun Security App

    If anyone is that worried, they should just stick an AirTag on their pieces. You get the same tracking and no one knows what it is.
  2. SSN Vet

    The country must be flooded with guns

    Follow the economics indicators... Banks are tightening up CC standards due to soaring default rates, gas and food prices are up 50%, anybody who bought a car from 2021-2024 is upside down on their loan (people are walking away from car loans in droves), few can afford a house due to the...
  3. SSN Vet

    Gunbroker seller not responding

    You could always try the McDonalds drive through... I hear they are quick to respond and ship. ;)
  4. SSN Vet

    Digital Trigger Gauge

    Trigger pull is pretty subjective. You either like it or you don't. So a pull gauge doesn't really add much value, unless you're working on the gun. If you're smithing to improve the trigger pull, then having the gauge gives you something objective to quantify your work.
  5. SSN Vet

    Digital Trigger Gauge

    Popped for a Lyman many years ago and never looked back. Repeatability is key... and I like having the built in average pull feature.
  6. SSN Vet

    Thompson Center Arms SOLD

    Though it's a great state to do business in, I doubt they'll come back to Rochester, NH, as the labor market here is tight as an "insert adverb here"... especially with SIG, Safran, and Pratt-Whitney hiring everyone that can fog a mirror. It was a sad day when they left NH. But that ship has...
  7. SSN Vet

    Condition 1 or Condition 2

    FWIW, the SA 35 does not have a FPB (firing pin block) and is there for not technically drop safe with the hammer down. If I was to carry it condition 2, I would carry it half cocked.
  8. SSN Vet

    My dad's stolen 1911 is back home

    Send it out to have the mat finish bead blasted and the flats polished up.... this shouldn't cost too much.
  9. SSN Vet

    Member RON in PA Passed Away This Morning

    Condolences on the loss of your father. THR community is deminished by his passing. Keep fighting the good fight to be the man he raised you to be.
  10. SSN Vet

    FN high power

    The new FN BHP is a very different gun, styled similarly as the original. You are correct about there being no parts compatibility. There's also nothing much by the way of aftermarket parts available for them as they haven't really caught on (high price and new crop of clones being the...
  11. SSN Vet

    Face to Face Firearms Purchase

    Packing, shipping, driving to FFL, filling out forms... that all equates to work. Perhaps the guy just wants to sell his gun and not do work. Or perhaps for idiological reasons, he doesn't want to play the Feds game. Or... it could be hot or used in a crime. Or... it could be an ATF sting...
  12. SSN Vet

    Wayne LaPierre is resigning.

    I think they need leadership that already has stature and fortune, accumulated via. years of personal success. Charlton Hesston didn't need a dime of the NRA's money to acquire the good life. He already had it. If anything, standing for the NRA probably cost him $.
  13. SSN Vet

    Wayne LaPierre is resigning.

    I let my membership lapse after it became obvious that Wayne-ol-boy was letting his personal gain trump the best interests of the organizationg. But I'll never forget that the NRA were the ones that gave us Heller and McDonald... which turned the tide in our favor.
  14. SSN Vet


    Shoot the gun b4 you tinker, and don't tinker unless there's a specific problem you need to address. Me thinks your friend is trying to look smart.... but maybe isn't an experienced smith (hobby or pro).
  15. SSN Vet

    What does it mean to say a gun has "soul"?

    Nothing. Guns are inanimate objects. You may like certain combinations of form and material in your gun, but that does not ascribe to it a "soul"
  16. SSN Vet

    Mouse Gun thread

    Now that you have a 32 gun in your pocket for fun, it's time to put a razor in your shoe. Then you too will be "bad"
  17. SSN Vet

    Refusing a gun shipped to you through FFL

    I've only used two FFLs for purchased items. Both are kitchen table type guys, but I've never had a bad experience with either. But then again, I stopped buying used guns a long time ago.
  18. SSN Vet

    Kudos to Berry's bullets.

    I love Berry's, but they really do need to double box these things when they don't have an inner plastic case. I've opened my mailbox to find loose bullets spilling out of the corners of the box in the past.