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    New S&W models for 2014

    All this blah-blah-blah about the Hillary hole in the side of the frame. IMHO, just so much BS. I have a couple of Hillary hole S&Ws and about a dozen without the Hillary hole. All function WITHOUT PROBLEM. (And, I have bet my life a few times on Hillary hole S&Ws............and, I'm...
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    S&W from 70s

    I have about a dozen S&W revolvers from eras going back to the early 20th century. My free advice (and you get what you pay for) is for you to get whatever S&W revolver you can get ammunition for. You will never go wrong and whatever country you are in, if there is ever a problem you can...
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    S&W 28-2 Question

    Buy it fifteen minutes ago!!
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    Ruger Security Six

    I have a 4-inch Service Six (1974) and a 2 3/4 inch Service Six (1977). Love 'em both. Carry 'em both. Will never get rid of them.
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    Unsure and looking for answers

    Absolutely the best advice for ANYBODY!! Well done, Queen of Thunder! (Now, why didn't *I* think of that?........Senior Moment!!)
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    Unsure and looking for answers

    I've been married 30+ years to a gal who understands firearms (she grew up with a father who was an avid hunter) and supports my firearm ownership and activities with firearms. She loves shooting skeet but will never go hunting with me. She loves shooting my .22LR pistol, but does not want to...
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    Ever have a gun you just couldn't love?

    Ruger to shoot but they didn't call them "the world's most expensive plinker" for nothing AR-15......same general reason, plus, reminded me of some not-so-fun times in the Army Beretta 92......more memories of not-so-fun times in the Army Erma Toggle Top 22.......too...
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    Army vet disarmed of his AR and 1911 by cop

    IMHO: Anybody who carries a firearm outside their clothing, and who is not working on a ranch or other such enterprise, is being extremely foolish. When bad-guys go into a place to rob it and the patrons, who does anybody think will be the FIRST people they shoot? Yes. The ones with the...
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    Colt Police Positive vs. S&W model 10

    Have both. Like both. Prefer the Smith because I can shoot it better and more comfortably.
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    Is 6 Shots Really Enough?

    I was originally trained to fight with a six-banger Colt DA revolver. When I got to life sustaining ability with that, THEN I was trained to fight with an auto....1911A1......the old guy who trained me back in the day said that "if you can keep alive with six, then seven in the mag and one in...
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    Is 6 Shots Really Enough?

    I already clank when I walk...... Seriously, I agree with the sentiment that 5 in my J-frame is enough. When you add the look of an older guy who has been around the mountain, and lived through the trip, not without scars, mind you, THAT adds to the overall package.
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    Smith 686+?

    I have two 686+ both with 3-inch barrels. SUPER triggers. Strong as garlick milkshakes. I run .38 Spl for practice and mid-range .357Mag for "service" and can consistently drill a 3x5 card at 30 feet double-action the revolvers shoot sooooo nicely. Great gun! Great Dad! You are...
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    1972 S&W - Too Nice To Shoot?

    One says poh-tay-toh another says poh-tah-toh.......both are spuds.....but don't taste until you eat 'em. I say, shoot the wheel-gun, shoot it often, shoot it with friends, shoot it with your kids, shoot it with your grand kids, pass it on to your kids/grand kids/great-grandkids and tell them...
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    New revolver: 1966 Colt Trooper .357

    I would shoot the livin' bejeesus out of it.....and have a helluva good time while doing it!! Then, again, I ain't so young as to believe that I want to leave EVERYTHING to my kids in pristine order...............
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    Best combat revolver?

    My life rests on an S&W M686 7-shooter with a 3-inch barrel. Great combat hangun, even if a hint heavy.......
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    Handgun Carry in the Old West

    You got it, pardner!!
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    A 'Second-Chance' Colt Trooper Added To Stable!

    I have a 4" Trooper MkIII that was in desperate need of some TLC when I bought it last year for about $250. I cleaned it up (it was filthy!!) and a little emery paper and 0000 steel wool application with some home cold-bluing afterwards, and, I have what may not be the prettiest Colt wheelie...
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    Anyone like their S&W 617?

    Love my 4" M617!!! Best .22LR revolver on the market, in my opinion!
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    High quality 9mm?

    Any SIG (P229 or P239...P226 if your hands are large) or a Browning Hi-Power.
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    Help, my first gun

    Of the ones on your list, my vote is for the Ruger. need to consider the Browning BuckMark.....I have put over 75,000 rounds through mine and when I sent it back to the factory for a checkup, they replaced a couple of very minor parts in the slide as a courtesy (didn't really need...