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    Buckmark vs MK IV

    I have four Ruger MK II's, and no Buckmarks, but a friend has two. IMHO, they are equal to the Rugers, just not as over built. Either will serve you very well. The Ruger take down never bothered me. I prefer the MK II over all the other MK variants including the MK IV.
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    Hi Power vs CZ p-01 for CCW

    ^^^^^^This. I have an all steel BHP MK III which I absolutely love as a range gun, however, I carry the CZ-75D PCR.
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    FMJ in .380 for carry, a question...

    Beretta 85FS (the slimmer, single stack version) with Hornady Critical Defense.
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    Holster for my PCR

    It's a Shadow II, 7/7L. It is an OWB, leather holster. Don't know if you are looking for IWB, or OWB. When I bought the PCR 18 years ago, it was somewhat of an oddball, and there weren't many holsters made for it back then, so I had to improvise. It worked out.
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    Holster for my PCR

    That is a nice looking rig. I carry my PCR in a Bianchi holster designed for a Sig P228/P229. The PCR actually fits better in the holster than my P228 which has sat in my safe since I got the PCR in 2000.
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    What's Your Bedside Gun? Why?

    CZ-75B in the nightstand. Inland USGI M1 Carbine next to the nightstand.
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    Cz p01 comes home with me

    The P-01 is one of the best all around 9MM's on the market. I have had a 75D PCR since 2000, so I never felt the need to get a P-01, but it is an excellent pistol. One of CZ's best, but hey they are all great. Congrats, you will love it.
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    What are your favorite hammer-fired compact pistols....

    CZ-75D PCR Polish P-83 Bulgarian Makarov
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    It's 1940, what's your CCW?

    Commercial P-08 Luger.
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    Luger P08 question

    I have a 1941 Mauser Luger that came into the U.S. from Russia in 1995 which I bought at that time for $300. The only changes to it, was the Russians "reblued" it, added plastic grips (unless they were original) and put it in storage after WWII. It seemed unfired. It has been a great...
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    Picked off an Eastern coyote

    I think the .223 is the perfect Coyote round, although I have taken them with my old Marlin 25MN, .22 Mag as well. Either will do, but .223 will do it better.
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    If you have shot a CZ Tactical Sport.....a question about the sights

    I don't have a CZ Tactical Sport, but I have four CZ pistols, and they all are fixed sights, and required no adjustment.
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    CZ-75B Failure to Extract

    I installed a Wolff extra power Extractor spring in my 75B many years ago after having a few extraction problems with Winchester White Box. It stopped the problem, and it has been problem free ever since. I also cleaned the extractor, and extractor cut out.
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    New grips for CZ75

    I do too. My PCR came with the factory, rubber grips, and I liked them so much I put a set on my 75B. My 75 pre-B wears original factory grips that are interestingly very similar to today's plastic grips on the new CZ's, albeit with the old logo.
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    Let's Talk .380

    I sometimes carry at Beretta 85FS, depending on what I dress, as I can carry it easily IWB. It is fairly slim, although bigger than the newer sub compact, polymer .380's on the market. However, I shoot it well, and trust it completely. I also use Hornady Critical Defense, or FMJ for carry.
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    CZ P-10C White Nitride - first Impressions

    That's really nice. Not a polymer fan, but if I were, that, and a P-07 would be on my list. Love ALL the other CZ's though.
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    Walther Pistols...

    ^^^^^This hands down. I have a P5, but always wanted a P88. Also have a WWII PP that my Dad brought back from Germany. Not a polymer fan although I am sure the PPQ, and the others are find pistols.
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    Newest find; Astra Constable .22lr

    I have always liked off beat guns like the Astra Constable. Never had one, but do have an older Llama IIIa .380. The closest thing in .22 is my Beretta 87BB. Great little gun.
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    Any CZ-75 Compact/PCR fans here?

    I bought my PCR new in 2000 not very long after they were introduced. I've been shooting, and carrying it ever since. Fantastic pistol, accurate, and reliable, just like all my other CZ pistols.
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    Vintage Pistol for Home Defense

    I also have a French S.A.C.M. 1935A in which I reload for due to lack of ammo availability. While accurate, and reliable I do not keep it for home defense. However, I have a 1941 Mauser P-08 Luger that will feed anything including my reloads, hollow points etc. It has never jammed. I did...