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    Stag Arms

    .I've had the piston model for several years now. No problems
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    School me on trimmers

    Take a look at "Worlds Finest Trimmer" or "Worlds Cheapest Trimmer". I use the first one on 308 for my M1A. I've done hundreds since purchasing it.
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    Priming Help

    I primed about 50 308's yesterday on the Lee hand prime. Today, I've got a sore hand. I tried to prime on the press, but several of the primers did not seat below the case rim. I've looked at the new Lee bench primer, but there is just too much plastic to break for my tastes. The other...
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    Which powder dispenser/scale, best for the money?

    I just looked again. I entered only "Smart Weigh" and scrolled down to the one I'm using. It's $34.99 and reads in grains to 0.01 gn.
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    Which powder dispenser/scale, best for the money?

    Amazon. Smart Weigh for about $50. Accurate to two decimal places.
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    Which powder dispenser/scale, best for the money?

    Amazon. Smart Weigh. Around $50.00. Accurate to .01 gn.
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    Which powder dispenser/scale, best for the money?

    I've found that a digital gemologist scale is faster and more accurate than the balance beam or the digital scales most reloading companies sell. A decent scale is well under $100 and provides accuracies to 1/100 th of a grain.
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    M&P Shield 45ACP

    I just saw this post so I thought I would tell you about the one I just bought. On the range trip yesterday, I started with 230 gn FMJ federals, then several mags of 230 FMJ and 185 gn hand loads from Magnus. No problems. I then tried some 185 gn LSWC hand loads from Missouri Bullets. Again...
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    New press - Lee

    I started on a my son's old Lee four hole turret press several years ago. Last year I bought a Lee Classic Turret press kit. It comes with almost everything you need to get started. I added the following: digital gem scale, the powder drum and the adjustable charge bar. I use the charge bar...
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    reloading 5.56 vs. buying cheap 7.62x39

    Why to reload I just have an AR now. I gave my AK to my son several years ago-just didn't care for it that much. Loading 223/5.56 is a bit of a pain. If you shop the sales, you won't save much money, if any. Having said that, I reload because I like to make my own ammo. That includes 45...
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    Coated Bullet Info Needed

    Has anyone used the grooveless 230 gn RN coated bullet? Feeding issues? What company?
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    Need Help!!!

    Different mag in each weapon. After looking at the rounds more closely, I believe I seated them too deep. The bullet ogive is even with the rim of the case. How the setting on my die changed is a mystery.
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    Need Help!!!

    Forgot the other info. The bullet is 185 gn LSWC 7.8 gn CFE pistol & CCI primer. The powder and primer type is irrelevant as is the primer depth. When the round chambers, firing and accuracy are both normal. The problem is one or two rounds out of a mag don't feed. I think the problem is...
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    Need Help!!!

    I went to the range today with my Colt Defender 45 ACP and a HiPoint 45 carbine. I was shooting Missouri bullet 185 gn HiTek coated. This is the third or fourth box that I have used with no problems at all. Today, I couldn't fire more than one or two in a mag without a failure to feed. Same...
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    Black Spider red dot

    I bought one of the black spiders about three weeks ago. Today was the first time I got a chance to try it due to the weather. I bought it from a local shop for $140, they mounted and bore sighted it and it co-witnessed with my Vortex magnifier and irons perfectly. The dot is crisp and easy...
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    Magnifier and red dot placement

    Last week I took my brother in law to the range. He had never fired an AR before and after a full mag he dropped my rifle, destroying the red dot. I was using a mid priced red dot with a Vortex 3x magnifier. The combination was working great until the accident. I am considering a Primary Arms...
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    No Reloading Brass on Ebay...?

    I don't know what caliber you're reloading so this may not help. Give Everglades Ammo a look. Good prices-fast shipping.
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    New Holster Review

    A month or so ago I posted a thread about the Hidden Hybrid holster I bought. I've been using it for a month or so now and, for me, it's the best I've ever owned. Best in comfort, fit and use during drills that I've ever had.
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    cfe pistol powder in 9mm& 45auto

    I've been using it for a year or so in 45 acp, both jacketed and hitek coated bullets with good results. Meters very well.