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    I don't *get* PCC rifles

    I have several carbines that meet the PCC definition, but isn't an M-1 Carbine really a PCC? After all, I have a Ruger Blackhawk that shoots the M-1 Carbine cartridge. I have mine because they are fun to shoot and pretty accurate within 100 yards. Frankly I don't have to justify what I have to...
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    Show me Your Favorite Carbine

    This is a picture of my favorite carbine but it is not mine as it is too plain. Winchester 1907 .351 Self Loading.
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    Gun Bills in Colorado

    A conservative friend of mine, who in the past, served in both the Colorado Senate and House sends out a weekly newsletter in which he offers his summation of the good and bad in Colorado politics. I thought the listing of Bills concerning firearms and the disposition of the Bills would be of...
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    Can a bad trigger help you be a better shooter?

    The technique that improved my shooting the most was when I built a flintlock. My flintlock had a set trigger but the delay from pulling the trigger to the powder igniting made me stay on target much longer.
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    Cutting Aluminum Cans

    I have used my pocket knife to separate the top from the good parts.
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    do you stop shooting before taking air travel?

    About 15 years ago I got hassled pretty good for gunpowder residue on my shoes because they were the shoes I wore when reloading. I told the that I was a re-loader and that they could keep my shoes but they didn't change their attitude. Since then I make sure that I don't wear the same shoes...
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    I have a strange fascination with Milsurps...

    Look for the Mosins used in Afghanistan, SKS's used in Vietnam, and most any Soviet era weapon used in the African Continent.
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    Defend the Constitution?

    My nephew spent 20 years in the Army Special Forces and as a Delta Operator and has made the same comment as Old Dog did above. Hillbillies using 60 year old weaponry kept the most powerful militaries in the world at bay for around 30 years when you consider Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq. Given...
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    Defend the Constitution?

    James O'Keefe interviewed a Department of Defense employee who seemed to have a bad understanding of how to defend the Constitution, basically saying that if there was any killing to do the government would do it. The tyranny meter is certainly on the rise...
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    Mini 30 Magazines - Which ones?

    When I bought my Mini I found a Pawn Shop/Gun Store in my town that had about 40 Ruger mags of varying capacities (up to 30 rounds) and had them reasonably priced ($30 each if I remember correctly) and as advised above, they work great. Maybe look around a little, but not on the internet.
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    Beginnings with 22 LR

    When my brothers and I were young 60 or so years ago we had 2 - .22 rifles at our disposal, an old Winchester pump and a Remington bolt action. We shot the crap out of them and never cleaned them at all as much as I can remember. My brother still has them and while the Winchester's bolt is loose...
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    What did I buy?

    The only negative thing I can see is that the barrel must be pinned as I don't see a wedge. Having a single wedge Hawken style makes cleaning a lot easier than having 8 or 9 individual pins like my Brown Bess. What a pain. Even with that it looks like you got a deal.
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    Please help identify antique guns

    If you remove the forearm piece from the double barrel shot gun there should be some identification information under the barrels.
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    Swivel Guns ... oooohhhhhh, Mongo like!

    There is the remains of a breech loading cannon from an old Spanish ship in the museum at Grand Turk that looks very similar, only it was about 6' long.
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    Kibler range report

    Interesting that you got left to right movement with the charge increase. Don't pay any attention to the peanut gallery, I like to use the commercial round cleaning patches for shooting patches when I am just fooling around. They are cheap, convenient, and work just fine.
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    Diana Oktoberfest Gewehr had unexpected benefits.

    Is it spring or air powered? Years ago I bought a Crossman Pellet pistol to dispatch the rabbits that were using my garden as a buffet line so I put a target on a piece of hardboard and hung it on my fence for target practice. The first pellet I fired hit the bull dead center and ricocheted...
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    Colorado Weapons Ban

    The gang of four made a commitment to change Colorado's politics and financed it. The group included the current governor and Pat Stryker who inherited billions.
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    Colorado Weapons Ban

    I don't know where any of you came up with the misdemeanor idea, all I can find about punishment for buying or selling anything in the defined or named weapons is this: The bill defines the term "assault weapon" and prohibits a person from manufacturing, importing, purchasing, selling, offering...
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    A visit to a gun store in the Czech Republic.

    Nobody understands the importance of our Second Amendment better than those who have lived under tyrants or Marxist regimes. My wife and I once shared a dinner table on a cruise ship with a woman who had left the former Soviet Union and came to America before President Obama was elected. She...
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    Historic bolt action rifle ID

    Everything you wanted to know about Arisaka's: