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    RIP RC Model sad news

    I'm very sorry to hear this. I don't post much here these days, and this was the first I've heard of that. RC was quite a man, and was always helpful to those that asked. RC was, and continues to be, a role model in many ways. The world is a lesser place without him. RIP RC.
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    Your thoughts on brass trimming.

    It looks like it indexes off the shoulder. Does it?
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    Help me choose a .22 caliber centerfire assault-style rifle.

    I advise you to do some research. You know a lot of things that simply aren't true. Or just look for something else, since you've already determined that you pretty much don't want anything.
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    NRA membership renewal

    Renewed my NRA and IASRPA memberships.
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    NRA membership renewal

    This statement right here might be enough to get me to upgrade to life. I'll renew tonight, at the minimum. Maybe get a membership for my son too.
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    .308 win - IMR4064 or Varget

    Never used 4064. But I do like Varget quite a bit though. 4895 too. Neither have been very temp sensitive to my recollection. However, this is just my anecdotal memory - I don't have data to back it up.
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    2013 Season Results

    Hey, great job - thats impressive. What stock do you have on that 453?
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    Sizing new brass...

    I always size new rifle brass. Never had new pistol brass, but if I did have new pistol brass, I'd size it too.
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    What kind of accuracy can you really get with a 55 gr in a stock AR15??

    I can get about 1.5 MOA groups out of a 1:8 RRA varmint gun with Hornady 55g FMJs. Sometimes more, sometimes less. These are about the best shooting "blasting" bullet I've found. You will (should) have much tighter groups than what you have now with a better bullet, such as a 50 or 55g V-max.
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    How much power

    Like others have said, you really need to give more information if you want good answers. We don't know what you're trying to do, so you are getting answers all over the place. FWIW, I shoot at 600 with my 1x eyeballs. Not as well as most, but well enough to stay in the black at least :D
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    targets for sd/hd practice should have human shape?

    Grossman is full of it, IMO/IME. Best of luck to you, but I hope you are doing more than shooting at smallish targets to prepare yourself.
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    Do you shoot in the snow?

    Of course. How else would I shoot in the winter? I do tend to shoot less frequently though.
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    What Would it Take to Get YOU out to a Bullseye ("Conventional Pistol" Event?

    What would it take me? More than what folks would be willing to do I reckon, and more than what would be fair. The bottom line is that it just doesn't interest me, and I'd rather shoot in other ways. If I had more free time and an abundance of disposable cash, maybe I'd give it a go. As it...
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    My new 6.5 Creedmoor

    Cool, thanks for answering those questions. I have to say, that rifle makes me want to dip into my gun slush fund.
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    My new 6.5 Creedmoor

    Cool. Do you know if it is an HS stock or the B&C? Did it come with that mag?
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    My new 6.5 Creedmoor

    Very nice rifle and shooting. What stock is that? Looks like a B&C, and is different than what Savage has pictured for the LRP. Is it the stock stock?
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    Help With Learning ARs

    RRA makes very accurate rifles. So do others. If you put one together yourself, I'd look for a parts kit without a trigger, so you can put a nicer trigger in it. Most parts kits come with mil-spec triggers, which aren't all that nice. RRA makes a nice trigger. So does Geissele - but they...