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    "Project Argentine" (7.65 cases from .30-06)

    I use a form and trim die. Some cases could do with a neck turning or reaming. Annealing can extend case life. I have also used .280 Rem, .270, 8x57, and .25-06 brass.
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    .32 S&W cartridge black powder loading question

    The correct cartridge nomenclature for the shorter cartridge is .32 S&W and for the longer cartridge is .32 S&W Long. There is no .32 S&W Short. If the gun is chambered for the S&W it shouldn't accept the long, not as we chamber guns today. However if the cylinder is bored through as many...
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    Will a .44 Special.......

    Good to see you posted...
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    Will a .44 Special.......

    Placement is everything. Discussions such as the one begun here must begin by accepting the premise that the bullet will be placed correctly. If one does the HP certainly isn't required which was the original question. All the ballistic tables aside, what CraigC is saying is that one doesn't...
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    Why Do Guns Get Discontinued?

    Yep, simply put "it didn't sell".
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    Perfect Packin' Pistols?

    The PPPs and the snubs are about all the revolvers I buy. I do have some Colt .45 semi-autos...
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    Calling all history detectives: RE Harpers Ferry

    Springfield Model 1842 Musket
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    Are you a Purist?

    May I ask why you think a person who carries a revolver is a "purest" (purist)? Would you include somebody who carries a Colt Government or 1903 hammerless or Baby Browning? How about the person who carries only a knife or walking stick? What is the point of the question? What information...
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    Who's a fan of the Brit .303 No4 Mk1

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    Illegal to buy a gun from a felon?

    If a felon who had firearms as property he could have a third party transport them for sale. He can't have possession. I believe it often happens that after conviction felons (and those convicted of misdemeanor domestic abuse charges get their guns sold ASAP. I know many dealers buy them...
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    Mystery 1858 Remington Redux

    Perhaps if you read this on Italian makers' marks it would help...
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    Ithaca 37 DS Police Special

    You should know that some people would rather have an Ithaca than an 870 for a reason. I like mine and apparently many people feel the same way about their guns.
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    Tyler Grip Adapters

    This is my take on the situation. Order the BK product. It appears to be pretty good. I may have to get one just to have one.
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    What is the best Mod you've added to your AR15?

    Telescopic sight...
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    45ACP and the crimp. Most bullets are tight, a few are not. Why?

    While it is true that brass from different makers has different dimensions in such as case mouth thickness and thus inside diameter it is also true that brass, even from the same lot, may be of differing elasticity or ductility. IOW, you can size it and it won't stay at the smaller diameter OR...
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    Why do some gun shops not like you to "slingshot" the slide?

    Shops don't like to put shop wear, aka fool marks, on new product. This is the same reason you can't try on underwear at WalMart... Used guns, not so bad and there's a reasonable expectation that you'd want to know if it works. BUT short of actually shooting the gun you don't know a darn...
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    wife's perspective on what to take if we need to leave home

    Given the recent wildfires and floods I hardly think that such a topic should be forbidden.
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    AR Accuracy with Lake City M193

    In all the years I ran ranges we seldom saw an M16A1 that couldn't shoot 2 MOA (many would do better even with only that old 3X Colt scope mounted on the carry handle) and if one shot 4 MOA we knew there was something wrong with it. We HAD to use M193 with the M16A2s when they were issued to...
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    Ruger SP101 Concealed Holster

    I sometimes carry my Detective Special in a Bianchi Pistol Pocket. Same exact holster for the SP101. I also have the holster for the S&W K-frame snubbies like the 19, 66, 65 and 13 and it is a treat. Carried a 13 in one for years without problems.
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    Refuse To Sell?

    I have never not sold a gun to somebody who passed the background check but... I have asked for ID before showing somebody a gun, asked "why", and given them the obvious "once over". I have told people that I thought it would be better if they left because of their behavior. NONE have argued...