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  1. farm23

    Have you seen a 3” Taurus 327?

    I have been looking online and have my local dealer looking for a 3" but would take a 2" if that came up first.
  2. farm23

    Any Magna-Port shooters here ?

    I have Freedom Arms 454 and a S&W 629 with porting. It was done a long time ago but I still use both guns. I believe the porting help with recoil.
  3. farm23

    i got a new Naa mini revolver in 22lr wow super small but alot of fun

    I carry a Black Widow every day with the first round bird shot for a threating Great Dane. The BW has a 2" barrel which improves accuracy and performance.
  4. farm23


    I am looking for one but it will see 44 spl almost exclusive. It is not a good gun if you want to shoot a lot of44mag loads.
  5. farm23

    22 LR vs 22 WMR in revolvers

    I have a Ruger single six and a NAA Blackwidow with dual cylinders. The Ruger has more rounds down range but neither has has had a 22 wmr not fire. I use the Ruger for hunting and the NAA is carried every day, both with the 22 wmr cylinder. Years ago before I knew better I would shot 22 lr in...
  6. farm23

    44 magnum vs 460? Here's what I found.

    I have a FA 454 and a few years ago one of my grand daughters wanted to shoot it after shooting my son's 44 mag. Today she has her own FA 454 and hunts with it .[5-4" & 125#].
  7. farm23


    Does anyone know why is down. When I go there all the tabs revert to 'useful links'. Hopefully they are down for upgrades but for now I they don't seem to be working.
  8. farm23

    For those who carry a revolver ???

    I have both and practice with both. I hunt with a revolver and carry one 90% of the time. When I do church security I carry 45 Auto and practice with it but in the end I like revolvers better.
  9. farm23

    Charter Arms Bulldog

    I have a newer 3" blue classic and like it but I changed the grips to the rubber ones. It was that or start to load lighter rounds as the wood ones don't help with recoil.
  10. farm23

    Smith and Wesson 329pd

    Thanks for the reply Frulk. The asking price is close to $1100.00 and I see some on the web for close to that. I am considering getting it if the price comes down. I didn't have much time to look over but the gun was very tight. The cylinder release was hard to activate and the trigger had a...
  11. farm23

    Smith and Wesson 329pd

    I saw a new in the box 329PD today. I looked on S&W web site and do not see any currently in production, but maybe they are. I do not need another 44 but this one has my interest. It was very stiff but that should work out with time and use. Any ideas of a fair price for one.
  12. farm23

    Is the SxS dead these days?

    Now days I mostly hunt birds and use either a 1910 or 1936 vintage 16 ga SxS. I have a bunch of other shotguns but the SxS are what I like for bird hunting and the 16's pattern beautifully. I have a couple of 28's that are a close second but they don't have soul.
  13. farm23

    Who has a rhino?

    I will follow with interest as I am interested in a 3" but have not found one. I understand somewhere around 2014 they made a great improvement in the double action trigger pull, so I am looking for a newer one.
  14. farm23

    What would you regard as the minimum barrel length for a revolver for hunting deer?

    Now days mostly a 4 5/8" Ruger SA 45 or 44 for deer. When I hunted moose, elk and other larger I used a 7.5" FA 454.
  15. farm23

    Carrying Concealed--What and How

    I don't change what I carry much. I always have a Black Widow NAA in my pocket holster, if in the woods a 45 colt or 44 and if in the city or doing security a 45 acp. I am old and have settled on what I am comfortable with. Even after years of shooting I practice at least once a week to keep up...
  16. farm23

    Car/Gun Security

    I have to go to the courthouse often and could get by getting it inside but don't want to put security in a compromised position "in case". It goes into a cable connected lock box. Someone could get to the gun but would probably raise a lot attention and deputies are coming and going all the time.
  17. farm23

    One Glock to rule them all

    My children and grandchildren would vote 19 but I carry a 30S and have no use for 9mm. But that is just me an old guy who grew up on big holes.
  18. farm23

    What would you do?

    I bought my first FA 454 many many years ago and it is still a great gun. Then I bought a 2nd and then a 3rd and then, all great . You will enjoy and you got a GREAT deal.
  19. farm23

    GP100 .44 Special

    The local LGS had a used M69 without box or papers but with a cracked forcing cone. I passed.
  20. farm23

    Super blackhawk bisley owners?

    I have revolvers from 7.5 down to 2.5 and for me the sweet spot is 4.625. The exception being if I can find a FA 97 - 45 in 3.5 for packing. One of my 7.5 is a FA 454 with a scope and it will reach out and touch someone.