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  1. airfoil

    Small 380 with Hammer, External Safety and works DA/SA?

    In regards to the PPK and blood...the answer is a hogue grip sleeve.
  2. airfoil

    Security Six; what good smith can do on it, especially regarding accuracy?

    No one has suggested a Colt 4" Cobra @36oz? The Cobra is as nice as a Smith and better than a Ruger IMO.
  3. airfoil

    Bond Arms--Do they need more calibers?

    Wonder why...could it be that the non-rimmed case of the .32 ACP could get jammed in the cylinder after firing? I dunno, I've shot ACP outta more than a few .32 long/mag fingers lost or other problems.
  4. airfoil

    S&W 681

    Think your gonna like it, ill-fitting grips or not...looks fine from that angle. heh.
  5. airfoil

    S&W 681

    Thanks. Full disclosure...The fella, who I don't remember, made those JM initialed. I Emailed him and told him to lay off the initials and not put a finish on. They came in, after a month or so, and fit perfectly, or, good enough for me. The only problem was I couldn't fit a speed loader...
  6. airfoil

    S&W 681

    I bought this surplus...oddly, a re-import from Australian military more than a few years ago. Had an import stamp on the barrel which almost polished completely off. Came with new Hogue grips, which worked just fine... the importer likely sold the originals for extra dollars. These mo'...
  7. airfoil

    Colt King Cobra

    After a few hundred rounds and countless dry firings...the single action gets very good. When I first purchased my Target model, I convinced myself I wanted a trigger job. The fella who does it said about a years wait. I waited and kept shooting. I'm going to call him and tell him to forget...
  8. airfoil

    Yay or nay on these ivories?

    If they came with a good story...carved by the husband of Annie Oakley or some such ...maybe...I'd give 100 bucks. I'm guessing they want hundreds.
  9. airfoil

    :( lol - I bought a ThunderStruck

    Just who would actually shoot that 'revolver'...not me...I need to keep all my fingers.
  10. airfoil

    Ruger Wrangler repair resolution.

    looks pretty, tho...glad I didn't have to do single six will do just fine.
  11. airfoil

    :( lol - I bought a ThunderStruck

    At the very least, it's easier to carry than this thing. ...and no, I don't know what, why, how, or who.
  12. airfoil

    My first real Colt revolver.

    I think you may be inclined to use those stag looking grips, as they are usually a bit 'fatter' than the likely black or wood grips that came on the revolver...YOUR hand is the only thing that matters. Anywho, here's an example nobody wants...a PP in a .32 Colt cartridge. Obsolete round, not...
  13. airfoil

    My first real Colt revolver.

    nicely done
  14. airfoil

    K 22 outa the blue

    Shooter grade K22 from late 40's is my favorite .22 revolver...I don't neeed a better one...and a new one is near a grand. Guess I'll just wait for a vintage K frame to come down the pike.
  15. airfoil

    K 22 outa the blue

    Jeebus...that's a find. I wouldn't have it myself as the grip screws are dirty...err...wanna sell it?
  16. airfoil

    Red dots on handguns

    In my opinion, a red dot that co-witnesses with at least a high enough front sight (rear sight as well, but not quite as important)...makes just about all your problems disappear trying to find the dot... for inexperienced shooters. Good... Not so good...but with practice... Also with...
  17. airfoil

    Blackhawk tight cylinder?

    I have used Mothers wheel polish on a bore mop, chucked into an electric hand drill to clean up some sticky revolver well...and cheaply done. I would imagine the valve lapping compound would likely be quicker.
  18. airfoil

    .327 Fever

    I've a few .32's... pictured is a Ruger SP101 and the Colt .32 S&W long. I reload target loads of approximately the same charge for both. The Ruger is, for me, more accurate...I believe because of the red-dot is easier for me to see. I've considered a smaller revolver in .327, but...anyway...
  19. airfoil

    Colt Officer Target price check .22 & .38

    Why one handed shooting you ask? Two-handed pistol shooting only ever started in 1956 after Jack Weaver wiped the floor with the competition using the more stable two-handed technique that he pioneered. Jeff Cooper and many other competitors started teaching it and the rest is history. Up...
  20. airfoil

    Colt Officer Target price check .22 & .38

    Everybody likes to shoot a .22. Betcha it's accurate as well. They just don't make 'em like they used to, and never will again. By the way, competition guys used to shoot those one handed, single action.