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  1. clance

    Optic for new Rifle

    I just pick up a new (to me) rifle today and I'm not really sure of the glass that I want to put on it. The rifle is a Winchester 70 Safari Express manufactured in New Haven before the move to Georgia. The caliber is 375 H&H so it'll need to be able to take some recoil. It doesn't need to...
  2. clance

    Revolvers only 5" up to 6.5"
  3. clance

    What was the first semi auto handgun you ever shot, and what was the first one you purchased?

    My dad's Remington Rand 1911A1 was the first semiautomatic I ever shot. The first one that I purchased was a Colt Combat Commander in .45acp and stain nickel.
  4. clance

    Revolvers only 5" up to 6.5"

    Ruger GP100 in .357 mag and 5" inch barrel.
  5. clance

    Traded up a cz

    None Roval. The 97BD is heavy but helps with damping the recoil. The lower barrel axis reduces muzzle flip. The only thing that I see as a downside is the 10rds mag.capacity or if you have short fingers. The grip isn't all that thick, but it's certainly longer then most.
  6. clance

    Traded up a cz

    From Left to Right: Compact D w/Decocker BD Police Kadet conversation SP-01 Phantom 97BD Had a SP-01 Tactical, great gun but really heavy in comparison to my SP-01/Phantom. The 97BD is really great with the aluminum grips making it thin enough for average size hands. The recoil...
  7. clance

    The first handgun you purchased and why?

    In 1981, just after my 21st birthday, I purchased a Colt 1911, stain nickel Combat Commander in .45acp. Was the first handgun I ever purchased.
  8. clance

    Favorite shotgun?

    I prefer the 20ga and have several in different makes and actions. My preference is: Single shot: Savage 220B In SxS: AH Fox Sterlingworth In O/U: Browning Citroi White Lighting In pump: Remington Model 17 In semiauto: Browning Auto 5 Magnum But if I had to just pick one, I guess it would...
  9. clance

    What is YOUR favorite Conceal carry gun?

    I'm not really a big fan of the 1911 and its' SA, but to say that the M92 is more reliable is a pretty big stretch. The 1911 has proven itself with being the sidearm of the US military for more the 80 years, 4 wars and countless conflicts. The only reasons that the US MIlitary went with the...
  10. clance

    What is YOUR favorite Conceal carry gun?

    Kahr TP9 And no this isn't a cut down but a first run TP using the P series frame.
  11. clance

    Stevens Favorite 1915

    Thanks for the information on the 1915. I already have one but someone, sometime ago refinished the rifle removing all stamping and turn the receiver and lever a pretty shade of plum. I don't really care as it's a nice little shooter and I bought it with the intention of teaching my...
  12. clance

    Stevens Favorite 1915

    Need some help guys. Today I entered a gun shop which had a Stevens Favorite 1915 but instead of the usual patina or fading case coloring, this one was nickel on the receiver, block and lever. I first thought it might be a refinish but there wasn't the usual tell tail signs. Can anyone...
  13. clance


    Update: Have sold both M1As after careful thought and review of Pros and Cons of the platform. Have since purchase a FNH SCAR 17S Heavy with plans to replace the lower with a Handl Defense so that I can use the AR10 & SR25 magazines. Everything that I can find shows the SCAR is superior...
  14. clance

    Handgun Pictures
  15. clance

    CZ Love! Pic Thread

    Left to Right 1. PCR 2 Pre-B 3. BD Police 4. P-09 Duty 5. SP-01 Phantom
  16. clance


    I find it interesting that you bash proven platforms still in use when the AR platform is currently being look at to be replaced, not just upgraded. I guess if I really was looking at a so-called superior rifle the SCAR in 7.62x51 would be the most logical as you put it: "All design flaws of...
  17. clance


    If I was focus on having a car or CQB, I would use this. This is my HDG seeing unlike the other 3 it won't blow through the entire neighborhood. In addition this is still considered a pistol so is covered in the car under my CPL. :D
  18. clance


    Been seriously thinking about getting a second job, but I'm sure my wife will come up with something else to spend the extra money on. :(
  19. clance


    Been thinking about getting rid of 2 of the 3 rifles below to focus on one rifle and accessories for it. The problem is I like all 3 rifles, each have their strengths and weaknesses. I guess if you had to limit yourselves to "ONE" of the 3, I'm asking which one and why? I've just purchased a...
  20. clance

    Ideal Minimum Collection for New Gun Owner

    What hand does your buddy use? Are they Left-handed or Right cause that could make the difference in choices. If money isn't a large problem but versatility is: 1.) Rifle/Rimfire: Browning SA22 - 22LR 2.) Pistol/Rimfire: Ruger SR22 - 22LR 3.) Pistol/Centerfire: HK VP9 - 9mm or HK45 - 45acp...