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    Do you guys mount your own scopes?

    Absolutely. Since the late 40`s.
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    Is it sacrilegious to bubba an early model Winchester 12?

    Sometime you don`t know what you have. Trench Gun ?
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    Gun show find

    Going to a local Gun show this morning. Going as an observer. No money.
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    Jury finds NRA officers violated responsibilities

    Hopefully the NRA gets back on solid footing.
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    Try muzzleloader?

    For me it was like stepping back in time. Plus, way more challenging. In a good way.
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    Academy Dissapointment

    My local Academy Sports hasn`t had a restock on anything in some time.
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    Buck 110 - A good choice

    I have a small collection of Buck 110 knives. Maybe 10. No particular reason. Really well made. The older ones.
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    Archery deer hunt update

    That is some open looking country.
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    Loaded or Unloaded In The Safe

    Sorry that`s a for me.
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    Any 243 fans left?

    Got my Savage model 110 in .243 cal. in the early 60`s. Absolute tack driver.
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    What made that sound?

    I`m just reading the comments.
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    When to list a 28ga for sale?

    List it. Full description. It will be gone in a heartbeat.
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    243 on Mule deer too light?

    To your
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    "I lost all my guns in a boating accident"

    Magnet fishing is fun. Been doing that for several years now. Mostly at boat ramps which Florida certainly has a few of. Have pulled in all sorts of stuff.
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    Do you actually use your “everything rifle”?

    I`m with you on the 06. Used one for years. Getting older, rifle weight became an issue for me. looked around and found a lighter weight rifle in 243. Used it for years. Thinking I could do better I came across a Savage 99F in 250/3000. Bingo. That is one fine lever action. Done...
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    Does crappy weather get in your way or do you use it . . .

    Hunt W Va. Have seen some big ones in really bad weather. Snow. Rain. wind. Does it get in my way? Nope. Have the right gear.
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    Leave alone or camo it

    Like many........leave it.
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    What muzzleloader are you running this year.

    CVA wolf, 50 cal. It gets the job done. Deer and hogs.