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    Missouri Lawmakers ... Send Permitless Carry to Governor’s Desk

    We have open carry here in Missouri, but the kicker is that you must have a CCW to be able to do it.
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    Missouri Lawmakers ... Send Permitless Carry to Governor’s Desk

    Will current CCW holders be grandfathered in?
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    Charter Arms .44 Special?

    Mine from 1974. I use Buffalo Bore all copper bullets in it. Or their full wadcutter load.
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    Most authentic SAA clone?

    This is my Uberti 45 made around 2000
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    25 Internet Yards

    It is amazing sometimes what can be done. I'm 72 and shot this 100 yard pistol match at the Nationals in June. The 10 ring is 3 inches dia. I shot this using one hand un- supported open sights black powder muzzleloading 32 cal. Pistol. Barrel is about 6.5 inches .
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    Show me your SAA clones

    45 Uberti
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    Blind Hog Finds Acorn

    Just got back from the National Muzzleloading shoot at Friendship Indiana. Got 1st in thec100 yard pistol match. This is a 10 shot match. I used my 32 caplock and 15 grains Swiss Black Powder for 1000 fps at the muzzle. I shot this one handed un-supported open sights. I'm 72. The 10 ring is...
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    UMAREX Colt .45 SAA

    Mine came from Airgun Depot. It was here in 3 days.
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    UMAREX Colt .45 SAA

    Well I opened it and can a 72 old guy say WOW and jump up and down? This is very pretty, action smooth as silk. Can't wait to shoot it. I also got a box of 40 CO 2 and 1500 Marex Steel BB's to go with it. I'm set. Will report the shooting test tomorrow,
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    UMAREX Colt .45 SAA

    My blued version came in today, but it's my birthday "72". And my wife and daughter won't let me open it until after dinner another 2 hours. I did get to Shake the box tho. :banghead:
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    UMAREX Colt .45 SAA

    I have the real deal, 45 Colt but I'm going to order one to shoot in the back yard I had a Shooting Shell Mateil when I was a kid. I'm 72,and still a kid. Here is my real deal.
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    Heat Treating a Revolver

    I have heat treated several Ruger frames . They are made from 4140 and you want them to Rockwell 43 on the "C" scale. As I remember and this has been 40 years ago, I put the frame in the oven at 1500 degrees for a hour then into oil. After cooling back into the oven at 400 degrees to draw it...
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    Buffalo Bore on Charter Bulldogs

    Wife told me not to post because this would happen. I didn't listen. You all can believe anything you want. I do know the facts, I was there and part of what happend. Doug is long gone now so he can't talk. Probably most of the guys that worked on this are gone. Good luck with your Bulldogs...
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    Buffalo Bore on Charter Bulldogs

    Now your getting it. There will be others who probably will post this also if they read this. One day all us old timers who know stuff like this will be gone..
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    Buffalo Bore on Charter Bulldogs

    I know my facts, it's you all who don't. I knew the CEO of Charter Doug M. and we talked quite a bit back in the 70's. The Bulldog would chamber 44 mag, not that it was chambered for the 44mag. There probably will be others around that will tell you the same thing. Doug tried to blow up...
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    Buffalo Bore on Charter Bulldogs

    The Barnes bullet from Buffalo Bore will do it. It's all I use. I can shoot it fine and I'm 72 You all forget that the Bulldog used to chamber 44 mag. And lots Of 44 mag has been shot out of older Bulldogs without blowing up any.. I have stories to tell about the old Bulldogs, but not on here.
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    Buffalo Bore on Charter Bulldogs

    I use the all copper from Buffalo Bore in mine . Works great. Been shooting my Bulldog since 1974.
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    Smith & Wesson Model 41

    Mine is a very early model
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    4 5/8" Ruger Blackhawk pics.

    My 45 Colt Ruger Bough New