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  1. RainDodger

    Underwood Ammo Quality

    I'm a Range Officer on a fairly large state-run range. I observed a shooter destroy his Glock with Underwood "factory" ammo. It blew the right side of the receiver off and into numerous pieces. He was incredibly lucky to only end up with a severely bruised hand. In support of Underwood, they...
  2. RainDodger

    Rifle barrel burst; are cold hammer forged barrels stronger than others?

    Regarding the first post with the picture of the mangled laser bore sighter... I'm a range officer and one day while walking the range at about 75 yards out from the firing line, I found a similar bore sighter that had been launched from the firing line. It was slightly mangled but not to the...
  3. RainDodger

    Springfield SA-35 Update

    My SA-35 is earlier than yours - the 12,xxx range, and I have 1,268 rounds through it as of today. (I'm anal about records.) I also own a very customized '84 Hi-Pwr in 9mm for comparison. My experiences mirror those of the OP. No recalled failures to function and I'm very happy with accuracy...
  4. RainDodger

    2020 Colt Python update at 1000 rounds

    Good info. I have a King Cobra in .357. The ejector rod for your Python must come from the same guy that doesn't polish them in the Colt factory. Mine was crunchy also, and quite rough.
  5. RainDodger

    Scheuten Gun Works 22-30

    Scheutzen Gun Works I believe... sounds like it is related to the same folks that eventually formed Olympic Arms. If you look at their (Olympic) history, prior to Olympic, Scheutzen (SGW) was known for making very high quality barrels. The early Olympic AR-15s were known as the "Stop sign"...
  6. RainDodger

    remington primers fail to fire

    Just to be sure, check your seated primer depth. Should be around .004" or .005" below the case head. If it gets much further than that, you will get exactly what you're experiencing.
  7. RainDodger

    domestic model 92 rifle

    I have a Browning 92 in .44 Magnum and of course it's made by Miroku, as the Winchesters are. Absolutely beautiful rifles. Fit and finish is awesome. Yep, you gotta pay for them though. That handy (and light) little carbine in .44 Mag will beat you up though. The actions are very smooth and the...
  8. RainDodger

    Just bought one I’ve always wanted. But…

    I have an early 70s Belgian-made SA-22. I'm sure you'll sort out the rear sight issue. Here's a thought - a few years back, the NRA (and also Ruger) had a nice padded, 2-compartment carry case that works perfectly for the SA-22 when it's broken down. I don't know who actually made it, but both...
  9. RainDodger

    Pietta .45 reviews

    My Pietta 1873 in .357 has been a fine revolver. It was a bargain of a find... dirty, looked like it had never been cleaned and had a scratch on the exterior of the cylinder. $300 and change I think it was. It cleaned up perfectly, I had my gunsmith buddy hot re-blue the cylinder and it's a...
  10. RainDodger

    556/223 Bolt action.

  11. RainDodger

    Massad Ayoob: "Are revolvers still relevant?"

    People can think anything they want. That's what <used to> make this country great. I know I can draw and hit what I need to hit with my 3" King Cobra. I know it works and I know it will not fail.
  12. RainDodger

    38 law enforcement ammunition

    My agency (NIS back in the day, now NCIS) was issued Winchester 38 Special +P+, which had a 110 grain JHP. White box with a big red "Winchester" on it and marked "Not For Retail Sale". I still have one pristine box of it. That was when we carried revolvers and of course we could not carry .357...
  13. RainDodger

    Any experience with a Dan Wesson in .38 Super?

    I've been loading and shooting .38 Super for many years. It's one of my favorite handgun calibers. Easy to load and the 1911 platform does very well with it. As mentioned above, the commercial .38 Super rounds tend to be very mild in my opinion, and barely (if at all) perform any better than 9mm...
  14. RainDodger

    SD ammo for 1981 Browning Hi Power

    As mentioned, you likely have a barrel with the famed "hump" - easy to see. A competent gunsmith that knows Hi-Powers should be able to help. I have an '84 Hi-Power, which had the hump as well and I had the same issues you're seeing. I now have straight feed ramp barrels and no further problems...
  15. RainDodger

    Making a new red insert for smith and Wesson

    I think Mizer has the best idea. I know for a fact that the red insert in my M66 is simply glued in place, as I had to re-glue it one time. Rocket science it is not.
  16. RainDodger

    Messed up situation in Washington State.

    I saw it coming years ago and got out of the state. I grew up in western WA and it WAS a great place to live. Of course now you can't walk around Seattle safely either.... I wish I didn't leave so many friends behind, but many are still working and kind of trapped...
  17. RainDodger

    SA 35

    As an update regarding my SA-35 (serial number range 12,000), I'm at precisely 678 rounds fired. Zero extraction issues - actually, no problems with the pistol at all. As I noted earlier in this thread, my trigger pull was about average, with a bit of movement and relatively heavy. This last...
  18. RainDodger

    Information on top tier 22 LR ammunition brands

    The bottom line is, what does your rifle shoot the best? I compared a whole lot of .22LR in a CZ. Ahead of time, I came across some SK and I bought two bricks, thinking, "this stuff is supposed to be great." Yeah, it works fine, but it doesn't print better groups than Federal bulk 800 round...
  19. RainDodger

    SA 35

    Hm on the magazine issue. I have 8 original Browning Hi-Power magazines (13 rounders of course), and 9 of the new Springfield/Mecgar 15 round magazines. All of them work fine in my SA-35. I rotate them, so I know they all work. My SA-35 is in the 12,000 serial number range so maybe something was...
  20. RainDodger

    Charge master Link worth it or not…….

    Jim G is 100% right about electrical interference. I had my dispenser on the same circuit as a wine cooler (yep, in my shop :) ) and it did all kinds of weird things to the way the powder dispenser worked. It took a call to tech support to diagnose the problem correctly.