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    Resource: Why Virtually All Gun Owners Oppose A Ban On "Assault Weapons".......

    In 2004, Biden, Kerry, Feinstein and others nearly passed an amendment to a bill that would have banned the .30-30 round. Yeah, they want your hunting rifle too.
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    I wanted to point out that it is not just the anti gun crowd we have to worry about.

    Just point out the 2004 vote by Biden, Kerry, Feinstein, and others to ban the .30-30 cartridge because it penetrates soft body armor. It's no slippery slope. They've already branded centerfire rifle cartridges as "cop killers" and will come for hunting rifles next.
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    ccw holster question

    I'll reinforce the chorus that with a good holster and belt you can carry basically anything.
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    breaking in an ar 15?

    Noveske, makers of some of the finest AR-15s out there, say in no uncertain terms that there's no special "break-in" necessary on their barrels.
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    Calling all AR-15 Gurus! FTE/FTF issues.

    1) Lube the heck out of the BCG and go shoot some full-power 5.56 ammo. Your FTE issues are due to insufficient gas pressure. Your FTF issues have the same cause: the BCG isn't traveling back far enough to strip the next round off the magazine. 2) If what I described doesn't work, you have a...
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    New AR; Colt vs Rock River vs S&W

    I owned a S&W and sold it to buy a Noveske. The Smith was a very good rifle, never had a problem with it, but I sold because I wanted the best possible rifle, my "one gun" I could trust implicitly. Research the TDP that defines how military M4s are built. Some elements of the TDP, such as...
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    New AR; Colt vs Rock River vs S&W

    This is false.
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    Is there a new assault weapon ban or not?

    Incorrect. Bills can originate in the Senate too.
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    Best way to accept payment for gun for out of state sale?

    I've used USPS money orders and certified checks. In both cases, I call the issuer to verify before cashing them or shipping the item. No issues yet.
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    Smith @ Wesson M@P compact

    Gun is excellent, but that price is very high. Paid $500 for mine from G&R Tactical with factory night sights.
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    Trouble in the Big D

    Thanks for that valuable contribution.
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    What is the softest recoiling .380?

    If you're talking about pocket .380s, maybe. But there are plenty of soft-recoiling larger .380 pistols.
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    What is the softest recoiling .380?

    I hate the pistol for a number of reasons, but my wife's Walther PK380 is very soft recoiling.
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    Barrel Break in advice

    How does a copper jacketed lead bullet "get the roughness out" of a steel bore?
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    Barrel Break in advice

    Just got a new Noveske rifle. They're widely considered one of the elite barrel makers for the AR-15. Their included documentation said to clean the barrel then go shoot it, no special break-in technique required.
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    Gun Deaths Outpace Motor Vehicle Deaths in 10 States in 2009 New Analysis Shows

    VPC is in the same class with the Brady Campaign, and this nothing they say should be trusted.
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    Mayors Against Illegal Guns Superbowl Ad

    From the link in the original post: NOTE: This form is solely for e-mail pertaining to the web site. We are unable to respond to email relating to the NFL itself. Anybody have a better contact form?
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    Self defense failures?

    Why not just carry in a holster while you're home? It's more accessible and more secure.
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    "Buying" a gun to help a Friend?

    I like this idea a lot.
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    Airport Popo got me

    I lost a loaded LCP mag this way a few months ago. Wife packed my bag and included a pair of shorts I'd worn to the range a day before. I was allowed to fly, but it wasn't a pleasant experience. Ironically, they didn't feel me up or even send me back through the metal detector.