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    1911 grips: universal?

    Yeah, it can be pretty bad. I mask up, but never cover skin (although I know i should). Buddy of mine has the "itchy-arms" from careless use of some exotics. Funny thing is, I think purpleheart smells like heaven (as it's being cut), but I know if I can smell it, it's making me sick:o
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    1911 grips: universal?

    Wow. $65 for some basic rosewood. No, I have the purpleheart - and the skills. Just don't know anything about 1911 grips. rcmodel and others took care of that. Will post pics when done.
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    1911 grips: universal?

    Yeah. When I pulled the grips off the Fed. Ord. gun, the bushings popped out. I'll be careful. I wonder if a guy could put a little tiny washer in there? Thanks for the wisdom folks! rcmodel, you should write a book. Seriously.
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    Shield or R51. Please read the post before voting.

    Ever since they had wonderful success with the 870 Express, Remington has been cranking out gun models/designs of questionable quality. They TOTALLY got by with cutting corners on that Express, but on everything else? Not so much. Remember the 710? of course not. Anyone still trying to keep...
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    1911 grips: universal?

    Hi guys! I grabbed a chunk of something (Purple heart? Bubinga? Wenge?) the other day at Rockler cuz it looked cool. The plan is to wafer out a bunch of 1911 grips. Are they all the same (Colt, Springfield, STI, Kimber, etc.) in terms of size, dimentions, placement of screw holes, etc...
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    EDC Folder and Serrations

    Get one with serrations. I can't imagine why so many folks recommend against them. A knife is part of my daily life. A knife in my hands will find itself cutting bail twine, opening feed bags, nylon fence tape, garden veggies, wild grape vine (I hate it with a passion), burs out of dog and...
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    Compact 45 for CCW that isn't a G36 or 1911?

    Taurus MilProPT145. Better gun than most give it credit for being.
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    Remington ADL or Savage 110

    IF everything else is equal, I can do more with an 83' 700 trigger than I can with a 91' 110 trigger. OTOH, I've been in love with Savage bbls for a while now.
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    NFL Anti Second Amendment

    Exactly. You guys are more articulate than I is... or am.
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    NFL Anti Second Amendment

    Tells me all I need to know. ;)
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    NFL Anti Second Amendment

    Texasgun, I commend Texas for leading the charge on shall-issue carry. However, you've been steeped in the tea of rediculous restriction for far too long. In MN, we can open-carry if we want. Signs here have no weight of law. We have to be asked to leave - and then refuse - before we've...
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    NFL Anti Second Amendment

    This thread makes me sad. The mindset some of you have is - troubling to me. I've carried a gun into Vikings, Twins and Wild games. I've carried in Valley Fair, State Fair and several county fairs. I have NEVER ONCE been inclined to let my carry piece be an issue. Those who think...
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    10/22 bolt doesn't lock open....

    Easy fix. Sell 10-22 and buy Marlin 60. :neener:
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    Knife ID ?

    Who cares what it's worth? When an 80 year old man gives you a knive, it goes to work in your pocket, or on a shelf, saved for the next deserving soul. Selling a knife like that makes Santa cry.
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    Anyone Want to School a Newb on 300Blk?

    +1 I need this info as well. Looks like the rd of the future.
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    Best practice for holstering IWB at start/end of day?

    I pull the gun. Cooper's rules and such (it's loaded, pointed safe, booger-hook off trigger, pointed safe x 2).
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    henry lever action 22 rifles

    I love mine (Frontier). That being said, they're made in NY. I'll not buy another gun from them until they leave that state.
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    Need help: Remington Sportsman 58

    So far I've tried Ahlmans, Midway, brownells, Remington, Jackfirst and Numrich (gunpartscorp). I think you're right. It's a boat-anchor now. :( ETA: I don't think I've ever met anyone who could grind a piston ring to fit.
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    Need help: Remington Sportsman 58

    Needs a new piston ring. Checked the usual suspects (Brownells, Numrich, etc.). No luck. Will any other piston ring work for this gun? Does an 1100 have the same ring? also need an extractor assembly. $44? Are they serious?
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    Outside of practice, what made you better at Trap?

    Keep your head down. Really, keep your head down. Keep it down until you see the clay break. keep your head down.