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    GFG Side charging handle for the AR15 Anyone seen/Used this device? I'm considering one but not sure if it will last the abuse.
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    "Tactical" range anyone?

    Hello Most ranges i go to are not letting me shoot my AR "Freely" anymore, some won't allow more than 1 round at the time in the magazine, some won't allow double taps, etc etc etc I live in WA state and been looking for an outdoor range that will allow me to setup my own targets and do my...
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    AR-15 Magazine Pouches mounted horizontally

    Thanks for your input TORIAN! I'm a "Beer Can" grip holder so it's a more natural draw for me.
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    AR-15 Magazine Pouches mounted horizontally

    Anyone know of a magazine pouch that could be mounted horizontally on a plate carrier? Isn't that a more natural draw than the vertically mounted ones? Anyone tried that?
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    Can 5.56 rounds stop a bear attack?

    I'm not a hunter but curious to know if 5.56 rounds (or round) would stop a bear attack; I know .22 caliber rounds aren't ideal for it but would it be enough to at least scare it away? Thanks in advance.
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    Slick Side AR backup sights at 1 o'clock

    Try the Dueck Defense Rapid Transition Sights
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    Strac Tech industries out of business?

    Anyone know if the maker of the F.A.S.T. system Strac Tech industries went out of business? Also, anyone uses or used the F.A.S.T System? I have the gen 1 but never practiced with it; Las i knew they were to release the Gen 2 that would accept pmags as well. Thanks
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    guns confiscated by kid's talk in school

    What's this thing i hear and read about the government confiscating guns of parents of kids that talk about guns in school? Is this for real? Do we have to choose having guns over having kids? How to deal with this? Hide your passion for guns from your kids and wait until they're 18? Has...
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    7.62x51 in a .308 chambered hunting rifle ok?

    So, it's the opposite of the .223/5.56????
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    80% receiver

    I built 2 AR's from 80% lowers.... More people doing it than you might think.
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    AR Mags CAA Tactical

    3 out of 4 didn't feed the last rounds... I'll stick with the magpuls. FYI: i bought the countdown CAA mags.
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    Question about the Magpul Mag Link

    I asked this question to a DGS Guns representative and he told me the mags would align with the redimag so i will be buying one this week to try it out... just curious:D I prefer to use the redimag but would like to have more options as i have another lower without it... Thanks guys!!
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    Question about the Magpul Mag Link

    My Questionn may sound weird but .... Anyone know if the Magpul Mag Link will work in conjunction with the Redi mag system? The reason i ask is that IF SO i'd like to run a Surefire 60 Round mag inside the magwell and one of the Maglinked mags in the redimag in a way that when i run dry on the...
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    Magpul furniture pics

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    Building an AR in 6.8 Grendel

    You Mean 6.8 SPC or 6.5 Grendel?
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    Post pics of your AR and describe your platform.

    Home Made Lower, DPMS Upper, Larue QD Mounts for the Surefire Flashlight and the Trijicon Acog, Magpul Furniture in FDE Color,Magpul B.A.D. Lever, Duek Defense Rapid Transition Sights Painted in FDE Color, Noveske QD End Plate, Redi-Mag Generation 2, Trijicon Acog TA31RCO 4x32, Larue 9" Free...
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    Sling Suggestion : AR-15

    I use the Ares Armor Husky Mark 2 and love it!!!
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    Ares Armor Husky Mark 2 Sling

    I Love it; It does not come with QD swivels so i recommend using 2, one for the front and one for the rear attachment; I have only one QD swivel at this time and it works good but i want to mount the rear part at the Lower receiver end plate instead of using the stock, i think it's an...
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    Ares Armor Husky Mark 2 Sling

    Hello Everyone Dos anyone has had experience with this sling? I watched the video from its website and i wanted to give it a try... i ordered yesterday and will post it again when i evaluate it; Meanwhile i just wanted to know if you guys had tried it... Thank you!!