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    Post a picture of your SBR

    I wish I could get "cans" on some of my rifles. I hate Illinois. At least its not California though.
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    .22 Hornet...

    My dad loves his. Only gun he really shoots anymore.
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    Ruger Precision Rifle Gen 2 vs. original?

    She cant do anything without a demoratic majority in congress.
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    Ruger Precision Rifle Gen 2 vs. original?

    Id just like to see one in stock at any of my local stores. Gander mountain has a .243 for $1100 but want .308. Round here all .308s are full retail and a 12 month waiting list. These must be very popular right now.
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    School me on the Ruger P89

    I have 2 P95s and they are large and clunkey but they eat ALL types of ammo and never a problem.
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    How many have a hogue grip on their LCP

    I have hogue grips on almost all my firearms.
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    10/22 (or other 22) dimension questions

    Get one of these: I love me some Rugers!! Got 4 10/22s
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    Fair price for an M&P 15-22

    What would be a fair retail price for an M&P15-22 A1? List is $519.00 The model im looking to get is in this link:
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    New Range Toy - S&W M&P15-22 Sport

    Nice. I plan on getting one eventually as a trainer.
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    Ruger Precision Rile, .308 -- it can shoot!

    I cant wait to get one of these. Its 3rd in line after a GSG 1911 22lr (bought today), and a Henry 22lr standard carbine.
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    Choate synthetic stock painting for gloss

    Nice. Put that action in it!!! Want to see the full built gun ;->
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    Choate synthetic stock painting for gloss

    Looks good. A little lighter than the factory green stock that I have.
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    Choate synthetic stock painting for gloss

    I love this stock on my 110. Post more pics! Especially when its all done! What caliber and glass are you using?
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    Stoney Point Target Turret questions

    Does andone know if these target turrets made for a leupold scope would thread onto an older nikon prostaff? In other words are the cap treads for the Leupold VX II the same type as found on the older Nikon prostaff with coin adjust turrets. Thanks for any info.
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    Ruger PC9 Keep or sell?????

    Id keep it and get an ar also. This is only because ive been looking for a PC9 for a long time. I own 2 P95s and a ton of mags for them that also work with the PC9. They are hard to find and therefor worth a decent amount used. Last one I saw at a gun show was 3 years ago for $650. If you...
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    Ruger Precision Rifle custom bolt shroud

    That looks awesome. Might I also add how do you like that rifle? I'm thinking of getting one in .308win.
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    The preplanned push for gun control took off today

    Don't think anything will get done the rest of this year. I could see an attempt in the future for an AWB though. Now FBI, can we please hurry and get Hillary indicted!!!!
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    .22lr MEGATHREAD

    JTHunter, I bet I know the rural king you are talking about. They are now selling 525 boxes of federal for $65. I just had to laugh at that. Yet someone will pay it.
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    Sound off Hi-Point fans!

    Well if you held a match with them that would be one way for everyone to practice their failure drills :neener:
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    Winchester 1300 problems

    Sounds like something in the action is sensitive to heavy loads causing it to jam. Thats about all I can say without looking at it? Good luck.