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    No more Powder

    I saw the same notification but can't remember where I saw, facebook group, or what.
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    22 ammo sticker shock

    Well, accuracy standards and requirements vary. I have a CZ 457 Varmint (not Pro) that gets ok 5-shot groups out of CCI SV in the .5-.6" ranges fairly consistently, but it's disappointing to know it can do better because I've shot .2"-.3" groups fairly regularly with Lapua Pistol OSP and 1...
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    Gun powder. It's a beautiful sight to see.

    No, just you ODB...I mean OCD.
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    Sierra Game King vs. Hornady Interlock

    Where do you aim to hit? Asking to learn...
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    Pistol light out past the muzzle?

    No problem. I have a Glock 17 at work and we are equipped with Surefire X300 lights that extend beyond the muzzle by about 3/4"-1". It affects nothing. Rock it! Just make sure that when you clean your gun, you also pay attention to the lens of the light because soot does collect on the lens...
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    Well, at least the rifle was okay....but what's up with the suppressor?

    Have you disassembled the suppressor to see if it's clogged up and you're getting baffle strikes? You have to clean a .22 suppressor. I don't want to make the assumption that you know this.
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    I do not understand this, rogue judge?

    Reading the judge's quotes in the article, they absolutely SCREAM that her ruling is a legal setup for making sweeping changes to either immigration law or second amendment law or both. It makes me queasy reading her terrible interpretation and application of US law to an illegal immigrant with...
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    Wylde confusion

    You can shoot any .223 or 5.56 ammo through that chamber. It's a combination of the best of both worlds of the .223 Remington and 5.56 NATO chambers. Let'er rip!
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    Keep .280 Rem or sell for something else?

    I'll be the enabler... Keep the .280 and buy a 7mm-08. They can share the bullets and primers for reloading and you can have a lightweight rifle in the 7mm-08 for your mountain hunting. You'll have A LOT covered with those 2 rifles. Edit to add: maybe look into having the 280 barrel reamed...
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    Looking for a Handgun for Work

    Ok, without precise terminology like "safe action" or "striker fired" (which both refer to a Glock type action), I don't know what would be allowed. You should find out from the guy in the office exactly what terminology he means and ask for a couple of examples that would be allowed. Also...
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    Looking for a Handgun for Work

    I'm unsure what is meant by "double action only" for a semiauto, but no exposed hammer. Usually, a "double action" semiauto has a hammer and it is usually exposed like a Sig 226. Do they include "safe action" pistols as allowable? A "safe action" pistol would include a Glock and most, if not...
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    Who scopes their .22s?

    Off topic, but, looks like you might need a refill on the Angel's Envy...
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    Who scopes their .22s?

    I do, but only my rifles. 1. Precision CZ457 with a Tract Toric 4-20x50 with the PRS reticle 2. Factory Ruger 10/22 with a Bushnell 3-9x32 3. Custom 10/22 with a Nikon Monarch 2-8x32
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    Most inaccurate rifle I've shot in a long time, and it's a head-scratcher.

    Your music in the video is very sad... 243winxb nailed it with his photos...a bipod on a pad is extremely suboptimal plus it's likely you were shooting a series of experimental rounds rather than his dialed in load. I believe shooting on a solid rest with a rear bag and the dialed in load...
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    Optic or no optic on your defense handgun?

    I'm glad it works for you. I have a Burris Fastfire II or III (can't remember) on a Ruger Mark III 22/45. I'm VERY familiar with the ergonomics on a 1911 pistol as I use a 2011 for 3-gun competition, so I'm not unfamiliar with the grip angle, safety and everything else on a 1911. When I...
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    Optic or no optic on your defense handgun?

    No, I don't want to have to retrain myself on something new. All of my handguns have a variation of a red fiber optic front sight or a night sight front sight. I can use any of them and am looking for the same thing...the same as my work pistol. If I switch over to an optic, I've first got...
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    Are Sights Really Necessary on a Concealed Carry Pistol?

    Elisjsha Dicken came to mind as soon as I saw the thread title. What advantage does NOT having sights give? It seems stupid to me to not have sights on a gun. Yes, an accomplished shooter can shoot well without sights, but how much practice did it take him/her to get to that stage? Does the...
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    Building a 10/22

    MUCH easier than an AR-15. I built a 10/22 without a single factory part. It's actually easy to do. I will admit I just went with a fully assembled trigger assembly rather than sourcing all of the pins, springs and parts. I would recommend disassembling what you have before you try...
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    How are these guys getting any accuracy shooting like this?

    Ok, all of that is true, but you missed the point of my illustration and reason for using an AR-15 as an example. Thinking of the standard profile AR-15 barrel, there are lots of videos showing that if you rest the barrel, rather than the handguard, on something, the round will strike higher...
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    Lyman brass dryer

    I guess I'm cheap. I bought a $6 hot plate from Goodwill that has a dial temperature setting that I set somewhere around 300 degrees and use a wooden spoon to "stir" the brass for a few minutes. After everything is dry (less than 10 minutes, easily), I remove them using a pair of needle nose...