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    Shipping Long Guns From Connecticut

    Thanks Turtle! Does he need to include a copy of the FFL he is shipping to in the shipment itself?
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    AR-15 trigger

    Geisselle Triggers Not sure if you want to spend the money, but I recently installed a Geisselle 2 stage non adjustable trigger on one of my AR's and just love it. Light, but not too light trigger pull and it breaks really clean.
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    Shipping Long Guns From Connecticut

    Maybe someone here from CT could help me out. The Father of a guy I work with here in OR, recently passed away and my buddy inherited some .22LR rifles from his Father's estate. There is one .22LR single shot and one .22LR semi-auto. Rather than try to sell them back in CT, he wants to know...
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    High Wind Skeet

    Shooting clays in high wind is, shall we say, humbling. :o I can't count the times when I pulled the trigger on what was "for sure" a dead bird only to have the bird like a stone 2 ft right as I pulled the trigger. All you can do is laugh. :neener:
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    What Lies In Wait

    A very good read.
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    Dan Wesson 357 with a four inch barrel

    You did good. I had a Dan Wesson 15-2 revolver years ago that I foolishly traded for a Win. 94 30-30. Most accurate wheel gun I ever owned. I'm still kicking myself about it. Enjoy your DW.
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    Opinions on a good quality production folder

    They don't make them anymore, but if you can find a Spyderco Horn they are really nice carry knives.
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    Nationwide shall issue concealed carry.

    I wouldn't sign it. Once the feds get ahold of our carry rights there is nothing to keep an anti gun administration from deciding to so serverely limit or restrict carry rights as to make it not worthwhile. Leave it with the states.
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    Anyone else like VZ grips on their 1911s? *** Pic heavy***

    I have VZ's on all of my 1911's. Aliens on my Gold Cup, Double Diamonds on my Ed Brown Kobra, and Operators on my daily carry, my Dan Wesson CBOB. I like them all, but my favorite is the Operators.
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    Can't find grips for High Standard Supermatic Trophy Model 106

    I have a set of ambi Walnut grips on my Supermatic Tournament Military. My brother got them for me from Brownells. I like the RH thumbrest grips, but my son is a lefty so I put the ambis on.
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    "Bulky" guy: Tips for carrying?

    Try here for long tailed tee-shirts:
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    "Bulky" guy: Tips for carrying?

    I am in the same situation. You can try an IWB holster, but I did and it just was not comfortable, although that may have been the holster I tried. I carry mostly OWB for my 1911 with either a Milt Sparks Axiom or an Adams Leatherworks Avenger holster with an untucked shirt...
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    Not quite a dog attack but VERY close

    I had a real hillbilly of a neighbor that had a Chow that would "get out" quite frequently. It routinely crapped in my yard. One day my son was in the front yard playing and I was just getting ready to come out of the house when the dog came into the yard looking like it was getting ready...
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    Ruger sp101 2.25 or 3" bbl

    An SP101 3" is my 2nd choice for carry behind my DW CBOB. Here's mine with some mods by Gemini Customs.
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    what knife do you carry?

    Kerwhaw ZT 0400 tanto assisted opening folder.
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    Wisconsin CCW

    I had heard that after the passage of the bill someone on the Madison City Council was proposing an ordinance that would make it illegal to carry a concealed pistol onto any private property without advanced written permission of the owner even in cases where there were no "no firearms allowed"...
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    Chefs Choice knife Sharpener??

    I have one. It does a pretty decent job on kitchen knives, but I still like to give them a couple of strops on my Shun steel when I'm done.
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    "Updated" My 870 Police(Pics)

    Definitely B. Classy looking stock.
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    Crowd Mistakes Umbrella for Rifle - Panic Ensues

    When will we as a society admit that it is time for some common sense Umbrella control laws. :uhoh:
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    New Diamondback DB 380 reliability???

    Too bad. I was interested in them too until I heard about all the problems. Too bad they haven't seemed to be able to iron them out.