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    Preferred Woods Gun

    Ruger SP101 .327 Fed Mag 3"
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    New Handgun for Outdoors

    Ruger SP101 .327 Fed. Mag. 3"
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    .38spl/.357mag Lever gun shooters-bullet choice?

    I've only used those as loaded ammunition so I can't say.
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    .38spl/.357mag Lever gun shooters-bullet choice?

    These work best in my Rossi 92 38/357.!/
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    The new Glock model 45

    I believe someone within the Glock organization has gotten senile to have come up with that name.
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    Hunt for man-eating tigers

    I'd feel even better if the tiger had eaten you.
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    Hunt for man-eating tigers

    Long live the tiger.
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    Non-waistband concealed carry

    Belly Band works for me for an SP101 3", an LCR or a S&W Shield.
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    Anyone here believe a .380 is inadequate?

    Depends on the ammo used.
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    what old .22 bolt action rifles are worth looking for?

    If mine is any indication, it's sure worth owning. It's a Savage Model 3. It is my first rifle and I've owned it since 1951. Still going strong.
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    Your 327 experience Please

    For those of you that favor Underwood ammo as I do, I wish you would start or continue e-mailing them about wanting .327 FM ammo. I have a few times and keep getting that they're looking into it. Maybe they are, maybe they're not, but there's the supply and demand factor to consider.
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    What is your favorite camp or woods revolver?

    SP101 3" .327 Fed. Mag.. I also carry some .32 S&W Long ammo with it.
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    Your 327 experience Please

    Bought my SP101 .327 3" from Sportsmans Supply for $472.00.
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    Your 327 experience Please

    It's more accurate, has less recoil and gives up little in ballistics.
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    IMI ammunition

    I use it in my Colt 6920. Really good ammo. Some of the best I've ever used and I've used some pretty good stuff.
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    Police kill homeowner who shot intruder to protect his family after seeing him holding a gun

    In regards to your P320 comment, you're either living in the past or should have used a smiley. Whatever the case, it was inappropriate for this discussion.
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    How about a .32 caliber club?

    SP101 3" .327 Fed Mag added recently.
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    I do. Have been for fifty years. Presently, my carry guns are an LCR and a SP101. Both in 327 Fed Mag.
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    Thoughts on the mini 14?

    You sound like an real AR fanboy. You don't have to own an AR to be happy. I've been happy with a Mini for almost twenty years. BTW, I own an AR and have experience with them for over fifty years. Back in the good old days.:cuss:
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    OWB Holster

    Haven't purchased an OWB holster for a while so I'd appreciate some recommendations. It's for an Ruger SP-101 .327 Fed Mag, 3" barrel, DA/SA to be used for concealed carry. Usually worn under a shirt that hangs out. Can be leather or plastic. Thumb strap or not. Good quality but not...