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    Telescopic sights during the American Revolution

    I would seriously doubt the existence of a telescopic site in the Revolutionary war. There were certainly ground lenses, eyeglasses were around for a long time by then, as were telescopes. It would be interesting if there were any documentation of a scope sight in use then.
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    Loading a muzzle loading rifle

    Leaning over the muzzle of any firearm, muzzle loader or anything else, is a real bad idea.
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    Go ahead and say it. BAN PRESSURE COOKERS!

    At least get Pelosi to ask for universal background checks for pressure cookers, and end the cooking show loophole.
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    2400 357 Magnum loads

    That is a good load, I shoot it regularly. It is a full power load, for "plinking" I load 14 grains of 2400.
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    Hunting with a revolver?

    I hunt deer with my Bllackhawk, and small game with my Single Six. They have given me a great many good days in the woods, and a lot of good meat too.
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    Where do you live? And why?

    Born and raised in NY. Still here, I can't afford the exit tax!
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    Manhattan NYC Community Board Public Hearing

    As much as I'd like to see this come to pass, I don't think I have enough years left to me for it to happen. The legislature is not likely to pass anything of this nature,
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    I'll kick it off,

    "With all of the recent U.N. gun ban stuff and such going on,... Be prepared, the Anti's will be coming out of the woodwork now. You know they have been waiting for something like this so they can shift into high gear." This is exactly what I expect too. 'Remember, "Never let a crisis go to...
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    Anyone using Starline brass ?

    Starline brass is excellent. First choice for my reloading.
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    Does my taste in guns mean I'm getting old?

    It just shows that you have reached an age that allows good taste to develop!
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    My dealings with the retardation of New York Gun Registration.

    A lot depends on which county you're in. In mine, the LGS calls the permit clerk with the model and serial. You still have to go to the office, but when you get there, everything is ready, you pay the fee, talk for a few minutes because she's a great lady, and go pick up your new gun. I know...
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    Romney address @ NRA St. Louis

    The point that he is an NRA life member was run out at one point, but for how long? For $300 recently he could have become a "life member." I'm still voting for him in November, the "o" has got to go.
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    The versatile .357

    Three would do it. A Ruger Security Six, a Blackhawk convertible, just for versatility, and a Coonan Auto. Well, two out of three isn't bad, but I'd really like a Coonan.
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    Crossbow Laws (US)

    New York opened the deer sason to crossbows last year.
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    Should I get another T/C Hawken .54??

    Well, you could get a Green Mountain barrel for it in your choice of calibers, and rifiling twists for round ball shooting or conicals. There's a fellow by the name of Ed Ott, who I believe makes replacement stocks for T/C's, but then your down to the original lock! If you have some good...
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    S&W model 60 -vs- Ruger SP101 357 mag.

    I have both in the family. Both have fixed sights and 2 inch barrels. The Ruger, like every Ruger, is built like a tank, very well made, and shoots well, but a little on the heavy side. The S&W is a well made gun, not as heavy as the Ruger, and in my opinion has a better trigger. It also...
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    Do you decap before you tumble your cases?

    I deprime and then tumble the cases myself.
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    .41 mag and hogs

    .41 is like any other large bore handgun. You can load it for targets or for in this case boar. I don't see much difference in recoil between the .41, the .44, or the .45 LC. Of the three, the .41 is my favorite, however all I get to shot as far as large game goes is Whitetail deer. I never...
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    India made guns

    When you buy a gun it should NOT need the frizzen hardened, have springs that would work as a suspension for a '57 Ford pick up, and I am not crazy about the fit I have seen on some of the stocks. I also realize that they are way below the cost of a custom built, or even the Italian imports...
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    New or Old... Which Reloading Press is the Best?

    I started out with a Lee Turret, which was OK. Then I traded it or a Lyman T- Mag, which was far better, and I still have it, Then I got a Dillon 550B, I "needed" it for loading "more", "faster". Now my son uses that for his 5.56 addiction. And finally, I got a Fostner CO-Ax, which is the...