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    Why are so many domestic firearms HQ/plants located in anti-gun states?

    Most of the anti gun states are liberal states who use up more tax dollars on giveaways to their 'constituents' than conservative states. They'll take any additional income from any source to buy their votes. They're the worst form of hypocrite.
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    First incident of CCW used in WI shooting.

    Does anyone have any qualms about shooting a guy who's pointing a gun at some one and has their finger on the trigger? Unless it was a head shot, I'd be concerned he might pull the trigger in reflex as he's being hit. Opinions?
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    Is selling spent shell casings legal?

    Legal? Not necessarily. It depends on your state. In Ma. you need a permit to possess firearms, ammunition or AMMUNITION COMPONENTS ! It's illegal to have brass, (new or used), primers (new or used), powder, or bullets without a license or FID card. Ma, the Cradle of Liberty.