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    Those military surplus days. Top 3?

    I would say M1 Garand, 1903 Springfield and Yugo 59/66 SKS
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    Do you have dedicated mags just for range?

    I like to test my magazines also
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    Kobra sights: any good for rifle from glorious Motherland?

    I bought a Kobra sight for my early Romanian AK about 19 years ago. It never held zero, I think because of an incompatibility of the type of rail on the AK. It is a Wum-1. It appears to be high quality. I plan on putting it on eBay soon. You from the KC area?
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    for those looking for 30-30 ammo

    At least they have it. Hopefully the price will come done a little. Never thought 30-30 would be hard to find. I did see some at my local Bass Pro today.
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    Classic rifles in the field

    I have a similar scope and mounting system on my 30-30. It is very rugged. I once fell out of a tree on my back (6-10 feet maybe) and the rifle still held its zero!
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    The 3 most underrated hunting calibers.

    Graf and Sons currently sells 150 grain Interlocks made by Hornady for around $30 a box. About the same price and performance of .308 150 grains. I trust the interlock round.
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    Improving the hunting performance of .22LR ammunition?

    Me too. Unfortunately I live in the city..
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    Upcoming Maverick and Stevens review discussion

    I agree, bone stock guns. I upgraded my 88 which cost more than the original gun..
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    Legality of arming an aircraft?

    My friends T-6 has a place in the front right cockpit where a .30 can be mounted. Some T-6 were armed. I also wondered what he would have to go through legally to mount one there.
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    Best ways to mount light to bolt action?

    I want to hear the whole story!
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    New Mossberg Maverick 88 receiver...Drilled and tapped?......

    Mine is 3 years old and did not come drilled and tapped.
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    I have a rant! Hopefully of general interest.

    And looking at ballistics by the inch, sometimes the .22 will slow down in those longer barrels.
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    My Best Dog Ever Passed Today

    I’m sorry for your loss. You’ve got some great memories in those pictures.
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    KelTec P32

    I like mine. Small enough I can carry when bigger pistols are not an option. Mine is fairly reliable. I use fmj and don’t have a problem with rimlock.
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    Midway has 9mm SD ammo in stock

    That’s not a bad deal. At least they have it in stock!
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    Sub 2000 help

    Here is my gen 1 at 50 yds. Firing the Winchester RA9TA 127 grain +p+.
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    New A/R - 6.5 creed....what ammo for close range deer hunting?

    The 143 eld-x is a great bullet, but at those close ranges you won’t utilize the high BC benefits. That bullet has a thin skin, I would go with the 123 grain interlock. It is a proven bullet design and perfect for deer. I stock both those Hornady rounds.